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The Government Isn’t Your Answer

A month or two ago, I wrote a post on Twitter from The Wall Street Journal that we’ve passed a historic point in America’s history.  Today, more people get money from the government that are paying into it.  That’s staggering in it’s implication.  This isn’t a political blog, so this isn’t about the politics of the issue.  It’s about where people put their faith.

Today, growing numbers of people are leaning on the government to find them jobs, help with child care, decide what to eat, and a host of other things people used to do for themselves.  My point is to encourage you that YOU determine your destiny, you’re the one to choose, and you need to take control of your circumstances.

It’s no secret that government does a pretty poor job of most things.  That’s why America’s worst school districts are some of the best funded.  The San Francisco Chronicle reported the city has a procurement process that make the Pentagon look like a tight-wad.  City policies mean workers pay $240 for a copy of a key that normally costs $1.35.  The paper found the city had paid $3,000 for a “vehicle battery tray” that could be found online for $12.  Part of the problem is San Francisco’s ponderous “social justice” requirements, including bans on tropical hardwoods, or ensuring products weren’t involved in slave labor, or everything was “free trade.”

That’s all fair enough, but rather than go through the enormous process of meeting social justice requirements, city departments just farm procurements out to 3rd parties, who tack on 10 to 150% to the cost.

The bottom line?  It’s not a political question – it’s a question of where you put your trust.  Don’t farm out your purpose, career, or destiny.  Don’t depend on anything but yourself.

Your destiny isn’t in the hands of the government, it’s in yours.

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  1. We are rapidly reaching the point where the ability of an individual to compete with the government to create jobs is gone.  Our only hope is to cut govt. involvement in the private business so drastically that it will have a negative impact on the unemployed because so many govt. workers will be on the street.  Without divine intervention, I do not believe this ship can be turned around.

  2. Same thing happened in the 19th century w/Boss Tweed ($1,000 for a thermometer, IIRC; that was just a sample of the corruption at Tammany Hall).
    BTW, are Social Security payments being included in that “from the govt” tab?  B/c they’re supposed to be paid-in individual savings, not a charity program.

  3. One study in recent years noted that the only common denominator in the demise of a culture/country was the watershed point when more than fifty percent of the population are receiving largess from the government.

  4. Our parents and grandparents didn’t live their lives believing the government was responsible for their well being, their future. They worked hard and relied on no one to support them. It was difficult, but they paid and paved their own way through life. How did their generational offspring start buying into entitlement packages, and with such trust and dependence on our government? Our parents and grandparents would roll over in their graves if they knew how many Americans are forfeiting their freedom and chaining themselves to a reckless government.   

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