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Phil Cooke has a perspective that is unique, relevant and frankly refreshing when it comes to getting the news out about Jesus. I am grateful to know him.”Judah Smith
Pastor, The City Church, Seattle

A wonderful read – Phil challenges a material world to think more deeply about the true meaning of life, and he offers practical steps to help answer that question..”Megan Alexander
Correspondent, Inside Edition, TV’s #1 syndicated newsmagazine show

In Cooke’s book, you’ll uncover your One Big Thing and then drum up the guts to pursue it!”Nancy Duarte
Best-selling author and CEO of Duarte, Inc.

At the very foundation of all my marketing knowledge are lessons taught to me by Phil Cooke. Phil Cooke is a creative genius”Mark Horvath
Founder, InvisiblePeople.TV

With One Big Thing, Phil Cooke has authored the definitive work for helping anyone identify and pursue whatever it is they are uniquely placed on earth to accomplish.   Phil’s book is both inspirational and practical.  It synthesizes the perspectives of great leaders and innovators on finding a path of fulfillment in life.  It helps each of us to honestly deal with the fears, failures and weaknesses that may have held us back in the past.  It also recognizes that everyone’s path to destiny will be different, freeing us from the limiting thoughts that assume our individual path must mirror the course of those around us.  For anyone who thinks it’s too late to fulfill life’s destiny, buy this book and have your perspective changed.  For anyone who wants to be prepared to counsel those who struggle with identifying God’s plan for their lives, buy this book, and you will not be disappointed.”Jason R. Howard
National Advisory Board Member, The Salvation Army

Phil, with total honesty and clarity, gives great insight into the world of religious media. For anyone involved with Christian content or who desires to understand religious media, this is a must read. The Last TV Evangelist will be invaluable for generations to come.”Tony Thomopoulos
Former President of ABC Broadcast Group and Former Chairman of United Artists Pictures

Every generation needs a grumpy prophet, and Phil Cooke has ably volunteered. It’s easy to cast aspersion on every form of media, but Phil is examining his own house with such candor and expert articulation. Sometimes the loudest guy in the room is right.”Todd Komarnicki
Producer of Elf and author of War, Famine, & Free

Every major corporation in America understands the power of branding – getting your message out, breaking through the mass-marketing onslaught and clutter, connecting to a target and creating an emotional attachment. These same principles can be applied to ministry. Phil gets it. Understand the possibilities and unleash the power!”Simon Swart
Executive Vice President / General Manager, Fox Home Entertainment

Phil Cooke’s ideas about branding helped us to completely rethink our global media outreach at Joyce Meyer Ministries. Rebranding this ministry has completely transformed the way we connect with our audience. Whatever you think you know about using the media will change when you read “Unique”.”Dan Meyer
CEO, Joyce Meyer Ministries

The media world is changing faster than any time in history.  “Unique” is a roadmap for reaching the next generation. For-profit or nonprofit and whatever the size of your company, organization or project, I guarantee Phil Cooke will transform your thinking about using the media in the twenty-first century.”Ralph Winter
Producer X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Planet of the Apes

The Last TV Evangelist is Phil Cooke’s best book. It does not just point out toxic faith on the air, it has solutions. Phil is brilliant and we are changing some things at NewLife Live because of The Last TV Evangelist. It’s a new media world, and Phil does a great job of telling us how to reach into it. If you are behind the times, this book will help you catch up. Now.”Steve Arterburn
Founder and Chairman of NewLife Ministries

The Last TV Evangelist is the conversation everyone has been talking about but no one has had the courage to write about. Phil Cooke confronts the problems and offers solutions that are sure to be the playbook for a new generation of media ministry. This book will either cost him his career in ministry media or catapult him to cult status.”Brad Abare
Founder of Church Marketing Sucks & Center for Church Communications

The digital age has ushered in a new generation of iPod-toting, YouTube-gazing media audiences. Cooke examines the dangers of what is being done wrong, juxtaposed with how to do it right. The Last TV Evangelist is a wake-up call and a must read for all pastors and church media producers, as well as all who are trying to reinvent themselves in the digital age.”Howard Kazanjian
Producer of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars: Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi

“Unique” is filled with the keen insights of today’s dynamic media environment that has made Phil Cooke a trusted media advisor to Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church for more than 25 years. The principles found in this book will change the way you think about your audience and enable you to tell your story more effectively.”Donald Iloff, Jr.
Senior Advisor and Chief of Communications, Joel Osteen Ministries

If there’s anyone out there who understands better the digital component of our Google world than Phil Cooke, I don’t know who it is. The Last TV Evangelist might be better titled, The First Yellow Brick Road to Our Digital Future. You’d be wise to get on it quick.”Leonard Sweet
Drew Theological School, George Fox University

The gospel message is sacred. The medium isn’t. Every generation needs to find new ways of creatively communicating the truth. And every generation needs media-prophets like Phil Cooke. The Last TV Evangelist is a must-read for anyone who is tired of living within the comfortable confines of the Christian Bubble, as Phil calls it, and really wants their voice to be heard in the culture-at-large. Bravo!”Mark Batterson
Lead pastor of National Community Church and Author of Wild Goose Chase

In the struggle for connecting with the hearts and minds of the American public in the arena of the “new digital media,” The Last TV Evangelist will become the battlefield instruction manual for those who are attempting to successfully utilize this quickly evolving medium. It is rare to find a book like this that so succinctly weaves together theory and practical application.”Arthur Anderson
Co-Producer of Mission Impossible III, Paycheck, Windtalkers, and BMW Films

Through his decades in the media industry, Phil has discovered keys to help leaders expand ministry effectively while using the best of contemporary media resources. “Unique” will impact many with wisdom that will help them maintain substance and integrity in character as they represent the Savior to the masses.”Dr. Jack W. Hayford
Chancellor, The King’s College and Seminary and Founding Pastor, The Church on the Way

In today’s media-dominated culture, it is more important than ever that we realize what it takes to get our story heard. If you want to make an impact, “Unique” is the book to read.”Robert A. Schuller
Co-founder, American Life Television Network

We love The Last TV Evangelist, but if we published it, we would jeopardize our relationship with too many TV ministries.”A Major Religious Publisher

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