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Use Your Calendar to Schedule Your Dream

Most of us use our calendar for one thing only – scheduling appointments. That’s great, but only part of the tool. Appointments, meetings, and projects are important, but if you’re a busy creative, the single most important thing your calendar can do is to schedule your time. Most of us rarely think of our calendar when it comes to what’s important to us. What are the things you’re most passionate about?

Use your calendar to schedule your dream. What’s the One Big Thing in your life? A book? A screenplay? A film? Launching a new idea? Whatever it is, use your calendar to schedule it.

Start small, but block out time to develop your idea, write the first chapter, or make the first phone call. Get in the habit of scheduling time for YOU.

If you don’t actually make time on your calendar for it – trust me – it will never happen.

Stop using your calendar to only schedule other people’s demands on your time, and start using your calendar as a tool for taking you where you need to go.

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