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Look at Your Life from a Different Perspective

God has seen fit to surround me with people who are experts at keeping my ego in check.  Friends who are brutally honest, and are more than happy to slap me back to reality.  One of those friends is Jonathan Bock, President of movie marketing firm Grace Hill Media.  Some time ago, when I was whining and complaining about my insane travel schedule, he gave me a wake up call.  He forced me to look at the options, which weren’t pretty, and made me realize that this is simply what I do.  Either I need to quit the business – and the challenges that go along with it, or embrace it, warts and all.

I wanted sympathy, or a easy solution.  But Jon forced me to look at my “problem” from a different perspective.  Once I thought about it, I realized that I work with some of the most talented, energetic, and interesting clients in the world.  I travel to more places in a month than most people do in a lifetime.  Sure it gets tiring, but the truth is yes – I could make this work.

My life certainly isn’t perfect, but by seeing my challenge from a different perspective, I saw all the positive things about what I do for a living, instead of all the junk. 

What about you?  Do you get stuck thinking about all that’s wrong with your life?  Maybe it’s time you looked at it from a better angle.  Find all the good that’s sometimes hidden by the difficulties.  Embrace it.  Make it work.

Let me know what happens….

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  1. Once I get through the security check point and the planes wheels are up, I tend to feel relaxed and reflect upon the blessings in my life from a higher perspective, especially looking down from 30k feet.

  2. Actually, I was referring to a “Kodak Moment” a hundred years ago when Phil leased a helicopter to take incredible birdseye view shots of a huge tent crusade at Coney… Many thought he was a bit crazy, but the results of that shoot was awesome and highly effective! (“Somebody shout amen!”)

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