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Why It’s Time to Invest In Your Personal Workspace

More and more research is confirming that in the age of COVID, what you wear on a Zoom call matters. Rather than stumbling out of bed, throwing on a semi-clean t-shirt and quickly combing your hair, employees of all kinds have realized the mental change that happens when you simply dress up for work – even if it’s just a Zoom call. It changes your perspective, focuses your mind, and gives you confidence.

I believe the same goes for your workspace. It may be an traditional office, a home office, a studio, or something different, but whatever it is, investing in that space can dramatically transform your attitude and the quality of your work.

I visited a client recently who worked in an older building that had been added to, changed, and remodeled numerous times. They were also facing budget challenges, and most employees were not in a good place mentally.

But when I took a tour of their offices, I understood why.

Very few had taken the time to put pictures on the wall, get new furniture, or decorate in any way. Not one person had personalized their office. Just walking into most of the offices was depressing, and I thought that if I had to work there on a daily basis, I’d eventually lose my mind.

Take a look at your workspace. Is it inspiring? Does it make you feel creative and productive? Do you enjoy being there? Do you feel proud when others come visit?

If the answer is no to those questions, then it’s time to re-think your space. Invest in yourself, even if you have to personally buy the paint, purchase a desk, and give up a weekend to spruce up the place.

Your future self will thank you.

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

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