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Speak to be Understood – Not to Impress

I had a meeting recently with a big time marketing company.  When I asked them about their work, I got a long list of vague terminology about “shared values,” “broad based integration,” “client awareness,” and “integrated response.”  In other words, it was BS.

Although industry terminology (or “lingo”) is popular in business, please don’t succumb to the temptation when you talk, make a presentation, or pitch an idea.  If you want results in your relationships, be specific.  Use examples.  Use clear terms.

If you want to be understood, don’t speak to impress people, speak in a language and style people understand…

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  1. Sometimes it is hard to come up with obfuscatory jargon…

    Here’s a tool that can help you talk meaningless trash with the top blatherers in the business world.

    It’s the Jargon Generator –

    Some of my faves –

    Pro-active, re-engineered synergy
    Holistic, integrated paradigm
    Radical, focused simulation

    I am hoping they come out with a Jargon Generator phone app soon. It will help my confidence when meeting with the Lingotrons.

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