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Video Feature from Noah

Many people have been asking to see more than the trailer, so I asked Paramount to let me post this video feature on the movie.  It’s not very long, but it will give you more information on the film:

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  1. Phil, I hope you won’t mind a slightly longer response in this forum. I’ve read two articles today with your comments about the Noah movie and Hollywood’s reawakened interest in the Christian audience.

    You are right in pointing out that 100% of movies made from the Bible are not 100% accurate to the Bible. The challenge for me, however, has been to think missionally about these movies.

    I spent 10 years in Mongolia as president of Eagle Television—that nation’s first independent TV station after the fall of Soviet communism. We are also a Christian TV station. We had a limited fare of Christian programming originally created by Mongols for Mongols. But we also aired a series of Bible movies originally broadcasted by TNT. We found that with a few strategic edits we could get these movies “mostly accurate” to the Bible’s narrative to tell the story of the Bible from Genesis to Jesus.

    We licensed the movies for air, but instead of letting the movies stand on their own we developed a series of original Bible studies designed to match the movies that connected the main character of each movie to Jesus. Whether on TV or with a field ministry similar to a JESUS Film strategy, we used the movies and studies together to lead communities to an understanding of who Jesus is.

    The results were remarkable. Thousands came to Christ and our ministry planted 50 churches in 7 years of field ministry. The Bible and Jesus became a household word in Mongolia.

    Normally, I don’t recommend Bible movies that take too many liberties with the text. But from a missions perspective, if we can tie these things together with other materials and be allowed a little flexibility with our presentation, the movies can become a wonderful and effective tool to bring people to Christ.

    Forgive my shameless plug, but I wrote about this in my book, “Like An Eagle,” which is available through Amazon at http://goo.gl/njlyTH.

    Thanks for the soap box.

    Tom Terry

    1. Plug away Tom. That’s a great comment. It’s a good example of how we can creatively use just about ANYTHING to share our faith with an unbelieving culture. Thanks for posting!

  2. Talking with the men and women of the Bible will be one of my “Christmas” presents on the other side of eternity. It will be awesome!

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