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Why You Should Be Using Google Alerts

If you’re not using Google Alerts, you’re making a big mistake. It’s not about being ego-driven, it’s about knowing what’s being said online about you, issues you deal with, or aspects of who you are. It’s almost like a free, personal PR service.  It’s easy to set up, and this is the place to start. Here’s the secrets to making them work for you:

Start with your name and the name of your organization, books you’ve written, projects you’ve led, initiatives you’ve started, products you’re involved in, etc… Then simply create the alert, and you’ll be notified via email whenever that word or words come up online.  Google Alerts have notified me of sites that were downloading my books illegally, comments people said about me or family members, and news about my projects and clients. They allowed me to respond, correct errors, and know what people are thinking.  In many cases, it alerts me to international media coverage about our work at Cooke Media Group.

In today’s digital, hyper-connected world, you need to know what perceptions, attitudes, and ideas people have about you, your organization, and your projects.  Set up a list of Google Alerts today. You won’t be sorry.

Anyone out there had a good experience with alerts?  If so, please share any additional ideas.  

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  1. Yes, I totally agree. On the surface, people may be intimidated to think it’s ego but it’s not. It’s a great way to get all the information being said and also to know when people reference your work.

  2. In my role as an analyst with a boutique investment bank, I’d use Google Alerts to track news coverage on potential targets that our clients were considering for potential acquisition etc. It impressed my bosses actually …

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