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The Fastest Growing Social Media Users May Surprise You

A Pew Research Center report has revealed that when it comes to social networking, the fastest growing demographic group is aged 65 and older, followed by those aged 55-64.  In fact, social networking so popular that the National Association of Areas on Aging released an online guide this week to help older adults navigate the online world, including social networking, using Skype, and exploring Google.  So what does this mean?

Stop worrying that shifting your message online and making it more contemporary will lose the older crowd.  Before my 87 year old father passed away, he discovered the Internet.  I’d receive 8-10 emails a day with links to a wide variety of things he’d found online. He tormented me, but he loved it. Senior adults are jumping online like crazy, so don’t think you’ll lose that demographic group when you develop a social media strategy.

Businesses, non-profits, and churches – all need to begin thinking strategically about reaching older adults through social media.  Especially non-profits and churches, because 55 and older adults are also the most generous donors.

They’re out there.  It’s our job to find out how to connect.

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