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The Data Is In: Noah Is Driving People To The Bible

The YouVersion Bible App team tracked the opening of the movie “Noah,” and during the 3 day opening weekend the app reported a 300% increase in people reading or listening to the Noah story from the book of Genesis.  In actual numbers, YouVersion reports during the opening weekend, the Noah story was read or listened to on the app 389,794 times – or about 129,931 times per day.  It’s the highest number of people exploring that passage that they’ve ever experienced.

Bible Gateway, another top online scripture site reports similar findings with a 223% increase.  Geof Morin, Executive Vice President of the American Bible Society did a sampling among their huge number of Facebook followers and discovered that 87% of respondents said they were reading the story of Noah because of weekend conversations about the film.  If you’d like to be part of The American Bible Society’s effort to share the Noah story, you can sign up here.

Keep in mind that these are just three sources of information, and YouVersion and Bible Gateway don’t account for all the people reading the story in print.  As Benny Perez, Senior Pastor at The Church at South Las Vegas told me, “Our church members are reporting over and over that the first thing they’re doing after seeing the movie is to pull out their Bibles and re-read the story.”

God can indeed work with imperfect people and imperfect vehicles.  In spite of the non-Biblical elements taken from Jewish and other sources, it is still driving people to explore the real story in the pages of the Bible.  This was my hope, and it’s certainly playing out.  The movie is out, and hundreds of thousands are seeing it.  These reports indicate that it’s time to get off the sidelines and get into the conversation.

What an opportunity for sharing your faith with friends, family, or co-workers.  If you haven’t talked to someone about Noah lately, I’m encouraging you to do it today.

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    1. People Christians are told not to yoke with the things of the world. Christians don’t belong in worldly places such as movies, clubs, or anything els that can harm our richious minds.let the holy spirit lead you and I doubt it would lead you to a cinama in which movies of violence, lust, demonic, paranormal, sex, drugs, make believe UFOs, and lies of the truth are used to pull people from god to harm not help. To implement distrust, hate, and anger towards a loving god who is protrade as a murder, as cruel and in loving. By alleans spread the gospel. But you don’t have toget involved in something that isn’t good for you in order to do it. Ex you don’t have to drink to share the gospel to an alcoholic. Or do drugs to reach a drug addict. Or even watch a false telling of the truth in order to reach thosebthat are lost. Jessus finds us we don’t find him and I highly doubt he would use a false film to reach out to his children. His spirit his to holy, to strong, to powerful, to richious for something so sinicale and corrupt. His holy spirit dwells in his house in our hearts not in stupid films. Created to confuse those that do not know. And for those that are searching for him you all know where to find him is holy home called church. You can not find him in a place that worships the devil. With all those wicked films that have nothing but evil and pegan written all over them..

  1. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that non-believers aren’t going to have a Bible app downloaded on their phones. So the mass of people checking the Genesis account are Christians shocked at what they just watched. And are researching the errors in the bizarre movie. They are probably adding to the hits by repeatedly researching (in vain) the part about Rock monsters building the ark.

      1. My concern us that folks won’t understand the “true” story after seeing this movie projected. SEEING is most often believing!!!!!!

  2. only GOD brings people to read the bible not some blasphemus movie. Jesus brings people to God. not atheists in hollywood. i bet half the people who looked up the story were mad it wasnt like the movie. the last thing christians need is people who believe in movies instead of Jesus. pray for there souls.

    1. Heather – I refer you to my comment above. It’s crazy to suggest the sudden interest in the Noah story has nothing to do with the Noah film. Regardless of whether or not you hate the film, this fact completely proves Phil’s point – the film has generated interest in the Bible, which is a good thing.

      It is true that “atheists in Hollywood” don’t bring people to God, but the Holy Spirit can and use anything, and certainly isn’t restricted by our theological narrow-mindedness. My own wife got saved after watching The Empire Strikes Back (I’m not kidding – she literally asked how to be saved as the end credits rolled).

      1. if people were brought to the bible because they think the bible says something it doesnt then that isn’t a good thing. nothing can be done about the damage this movie will cause but i just hate it when people pretend like this is somehow great that there are movies that are lying to people.

        Please consider that this isn’t the last time they might do this if the film is successful. what if they make a Jesus biopic where they have Jesus turned into some type of warrior with a sword who slays dragons? i know that sounds ridiculous but this latest movie had some ridiculous things in it too that i wont talk about since you havent seen it and i wont spoil it for you even if i think it is a horrible film. i hope you see it for what it is when you see it. this by itself isnt the problem but it is something that will lead to greater harm unless we unite against it.

        1. A Jesus film with him as a warrior with swords that slays dragons would be fine – as long as it is set during the second coming.

        2. I couldn’t agree with you more Heather. Using their narrative, then any film with Jesus in it is great because it gets people talking. (like the blasphemous film “GodSpell” What a bunch of nonsense. Do they really think the unsaved writers and producers in Hollywood are really led by the Holy Spirit?

          1. No. That’s ridiculous Paul. But what we DO think is that rather than standing on the sidelines and criticizing, let’s get in there and use it to share the REAL story. Hundreds of thousands of people are seeing these movies. Regardless of the motives of the filmmaker or studio, let’s turn the tables and reach out. God has used a lot worse than this to get the attention of people. I understand where you’re coming from and how you feel, but what could happen if we stopped thinking of Hollywood as the ENEMY and started thinking of Hollywood as a MISSION FIELD?

          2. That’s twisted logic Phil. When “God HAS used things worse that this.”; it was always in the form of judgment against a nation that “did what was right in their own eyes.” And, as a Christian missionary – I can tell you that Hollywood is NOT the enemy but rather, a TOOL that Satan uses to subvert the purity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and keeping the searching from knowing God for Who He Is! Have you not heard of the parable of the four seeds. The satanic twisting of the Truth (my Heavenly Father and our Lord, Jesus Christ) is what the “father of lies” uses to pluck out the hope one might have before it even takes root. You ought to be fearful Phil…. and remove yourself from this abomination.

          3. Well said William! I am so amazed that this isn’t obvious. It is biblical to tell other Christians they are in error. It’s not being negative at all, its out of love. First and foremost, out of love for the truth of the gospel! Secondly to our brothers in Christ.

    2. Unstead of seeing things so negative remember what the Lord said “permit them if they are not against us, they are for us”. Our God can use anything negative for good. Satan thought that by crucifying Jesus he was acomplishing something good. He was wrong. Read your bible. Rahab (a prostitute), Ruth (moabite). Our God is an awesome God. He will use anybody and anything. Even a movie that maybe all it has it’s the name. So be of good cheer and be thankful that Hollywood made this movie and praise God that this will turn to salvation. Even if only one person out of the millios that have seen it gets saved. Remember he left the 99 for one lost sheep

      1. i would really like to believe that one person out of those people who read the real story might see the truth. but what you are forgetting is that all those others who come go God are being misled. and what happens when they find out Christianity isnt like they show it in these movies? do they leave without giving it a chance? do they stay and spread lies about what Christianity is to other people? I dont know but it scares me a lot. im not trying to be negative i promise but its really really frightening to see where society is heading and the scariest thing to me is that people wont know Jesus and will think they do. i feel bad for them.

        1. Heather – the major themes of man’s sin, God’s judgement, and His mercy are all evident in the film. The presence of fallen angels or rock people won’t put anyone’s salvation in jeopardy. I’d worry less about peripheral issues and celebrate that more than half a million people so far are reading the Noah story in the Bible!

          1. Wrong Phil! I worry more about people like you who have a financial interest in seeing these films succeed. The presence of fallen angels and rock people completely misrepresent the Word of God. Do study on this and you will see the true motive as to why they wanted theses scenes in the movie.

          2. That might be right if it were true. I’m afraid I took all of this abuse for free. 🙂
            And by the way – there’s no conspiracy in the movie. You can relax!

  3. some people just can’t be happy and will always find something negative to say. Noah movie made people read the Bible again. People are talking about theology on national TV and all over social media! Has Son of God did that?Has God’s Not Dead? Nope. Noah did all that. Instead of whining and bashing the movie that some of you haven’t even seen, just be grateful that there’s a Hollywood blockbuster movie that made people, the believers and non-believers, think about God.

  4. Hi Phil. I heard you this morning on Sonshine FM Western Australia and you mentioned various legends around the world of the great flood and a man building a boat to save the animals.

    This struck home as I recently saw some interviews of people saying they don’t believe it ever happened.

    Can you please help with appropriate search terms to find articles related to other cultures/religions’ stories about the great flood?


  5. I am seeing the film tomorrow when it opens in the UK, so cannot comment on that yet (heck, I might hate it). However, this data vindicates what Phil was saying all along – not that I ever thought his assertion was in any doubt as far as I was concerned. Obviously a film like Noah is going to drive people to the Bible in exactly the same way a film of a novel drives people back to the source and the book sales go up.

    Also, it is rather disingenuous to split hairs about it being only God that brings people to read the Bible, not a film. Yes a film in and of itself changes nothing, but lets at least admit that God has used this film – even if we hate the film – to bring people to the word of God. If we don’t admit this, we are essentially saying this upward surge in interest in the Noah story is nothing more than a co-incidence, or that God just happened to drive a load of people to the Noah story completely independently of this film. Even the most hardened Noah film haters must surely admit such a view is nonsense.

  6. Excellent discussion. I read the Bible daily and I will see the film. Thank you, Phil, for sharing your analysis of both the film and the criticism it has received from the Christian community.

  7. Thanks for sharing this data, but the ends-justifies-the-means rationale is a non-starter. Larry Flint productions may drive people to explore anatomy, but that doesn’t reduce the deleterious impact of porn. The bottom line is the film is not neutral or “harmless entertainment”, but decidedly Anti-Christian. While God can use anything to manifest his will, it is a misnomer to call something that causes confusion as being God-inspired. Kudos to those returning to their bibles to seek the truth. Had this film been promoted as religious science fiction, like “The DaVinci Code” or “The Seventh Sign” (which I enjoyed as movies) I would have taken it for what is should have been, which is entertainment. The larger problem here is the level of mass deception. In addition to the laity, this event was marketed directly to Christians. The bottom line is, we live in a capitalistic society, and where we vote with our dollars matters. Had I been given the proper information of the content I would have taken my dollars elsewhere. This movie as a blockbuster hit will probably indicate to Hollywood that this kind of spectacle is welcome, revenue producing and accepted. (And unfortunately spawn more things like it.) Nothing is further from the truth! While I disagree, I do commend you for being open to publishing the pros, dissents and links for research on your blog. (BTW- following the research has made me even more alarmed than I was initially!) I also appreciate you remaining respectful to those who disagree with your points. Thoughtful dialogue is a strong suit of this think-space.

    1. To be fair, I have yet to see Noah (tomorrow I finally will when it opens in the UK) but for my money, the nonsense perpetrated by the likes of The Da Vinci Code is far more potentially insidious than anything I have read about (read about – I stress) contained within the Noah film. How exactly is the Noah film likely to deceive people? Does it suggest Jesus is not the Son of God, or that he married Mary Magdalene and had children? Only then will the Noah film be a cause of serious concern to me.

      1. That is the same thought I had going in. Just watch it . . .you will see. Post back here after you’ve seen it. No spoilers! 🙂

          1. This was interesting indeed, but not redeeming, but interesting. As a writer I have experienced trying to twist a story into a desired format, and this reads as hog tied with rationalization. But to each his own . . . I don’t condone censorship or condemn personally those that support the film. Discussion is how we learn. People should research and decide for themselves.

  8. Certainly the buzz about the film has contributed to the bump. Hitting the app is free! The movie costs $$. Glad that people are reading about the “real” Noah. On the other side, if persons see the film after reading the Bible, they may be painfully disappointed at how the filmmakers misrepresented Noah and the Bible. Some, like me, may even feel betrayed by the film.

    1. maybe if you did a little research about the film makers and their goal with this movie, before watching it, you wouldn’t feel “betrayed”

        1. Two thoughts about your review Bryan – You keep calling it a “Bible” movie. But the studio didn’t market it as a bible movie, and in my post I said it didn’t line up with the Biblical account at all. And yet you’re reviewing it as if it was a Bible movie. Not sure why.
          Second, you link to 3 or more negative reviews, but not to any of the positive reviews. In the interest of a fair evaluation, that’s something you might consider since there are some very thoughtful posts out there about the film.
          Either way – thanks for posting it!

          1. Thanks Phil for your response. And thank you for your engagement and consideration of all points of view shown on your blog.
            Obviously, I am critical of the movie because it is extraordinarily unbiblical even by generous standards of creative license, in my opinion. (I want to emphasize, MY OPINION). I completely respect the opinions of others. I don’t care if people go see the film or not. I’m sharing my point of view. Others we share the points of view. I happen to be entirely critical of the film not only because it is grossly on biblical for the but I think it’s a bad film… Even though I’m a fan of Russell Crowe.
            I call it a Bible movie because: 1) It is a movie about Noah, who is a prominent Bible character. 2) it has been endorsed and/or recommended by prominent Christians such as yourself. 3) Despite warnings to the contrary, a lot of Christians do believe it is a Bible-based film.

          2. Phil: I did add this positive note about the film: “The special effects are excellent. The film looks very good as a work of art.” 🙂

  9. You can’t argue with hard data no matter how bitter a person you are. Putting the Bible – in any format – into someone’s hands is a feat unto itself. Once they have it, they’ll probably want to read more. Someone might just decide to follow Christ as a result. I’d say that’s worth all of the fuss and certainly worth more than any money the movie costs… or makes. You can’t put a price tag on a soul.

    Off topic: Do we get to do this all over again when “Exodus” comes out? Ridley Scott is one of my cinematic heroes. And I can’t wait for the Christian Bale/Batman parodies: “I’m Moses!” 🙂

    1. I had someone respond to this news on my FB page saying that it’s probably your “typical Christian” just reading it to critique the movie. I say that getting a “typical” Christian to read the Bible is a pretty big deal these days. Either way, I’d call it a win.

    2. Good thoughts Tim. I was telling someone the other day that, if Christians are getting this freaked-out over Noah, PLEASE… don’t anyone in Hollywood even CONSIDER doing a movie about Revelation. We’d be killing each other in the streets. 8^)

  10. If people go see Noah with all of it’s imperfections, then read the Bible for themselves (which the numbers seem to reflect), bearing in mind that God promised His word would not return void, but would accomplish what HE desires… seems like a win to me.

  11. I finally saw the Noah film this evening. Imagine my surprise when:

    1) The film turned out to be deeply flawed and brilliant in equal measure.

    2) Loads of people leaving the cinema muttered that they enjoyed the film so much, they would read the version in the Bible.

    3) The Christian faith was not destroyed.

    Here’s my take, if anyone is still interested: http://simondillonbooks.wordpress.com/2014/04/04/film-review-noah/

  12. Apparently, Captain America is mightier than Darkman Noah of Aronosky fame…. As far as your pompous declaration that, after only 10 days people are going back to read the bible? Perhaps these are the very same people who cannot believe that the god and man, Noah, portrayed in the film is the God of the Good book they always hoped He was. …sigh.

    1. Couple things William:
      1) I know you don’t like the movie (not having seen it), but to say it’s a “pompous declaration” that hundreds of thousands of people are reading the Bible is a little callous. I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled that’s happening. Not sure how you could justify any other response.
      2) You keep referring to the film as a portrayal of Noah from the “Good Book.” For the record, it’s not. Paramount never marketed the movie as a Bible movie, and on this blog I said it doesn’t line up with the Biblical account at all. So to stay so upset or angry over that seems to be misdirected.

  13. I’d like to see data on how many people are not reading Genesis after watching Noah and are left with a twisted idea of what is actually written in the Bible. An ad on Christian radio assured me the film is faithful to the biblical account.

    “the least biblical biblical film ever made” – Noah’s atheist director

    1. Actually Steven, that “least Biblical film ever made” is a misquote. It’s from a New Yorker article where he’s describing the film as being different from the typical “sword and sandal” epics like past Bible movies.

    2. To God be the glory that an atheist director made this movie, that shows you that we have a mighty, awesome God. He will use anyone and anything to acomplish what he’s after if his people don’t speak even the rocks will speak. He used a donkey an (ass), an atheist director, yes he can and he did. To show us that he will use the foolish things to shame the wise. I saw the movie and I was grateful for the verses that were quoted and the message that it gave when men knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Proffesing themselves to be wise, they became fools. Halleluyah even got something from the rock monsters because of their disobedience God gave them up to uncleannes through the lusts of their own hearts, but they repented and were forgiving and taken into glory. This is the gospel people.

  14. Good article. I just saw the movie over the weekend. It had some really great moments and some not so great, but overall very thought-provoking. Maybe I’m too narrow-minded but I kept thinking that a more Biblically-accurate version could have been just as good and gritty, delving into the Nephilim’s role and still explore Noah’s internal struggles and familial conflict. But I agree, this isn’t something for Christian’s to get in too much of a twist over. God is bigger than a few rock-creatures.

  15. Some of you and your comments remind me of this parable. some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: 10 “Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector.11 The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. 12 I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’13 “But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’14 “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”<<>>

  16. Cool to see! I haven’t seen the movie yet, but just going by Darren’s quote about the point of the movie: “We all have original sin, and we were given a second chance, what matters is what we do with this second chance” – There’s a lot of room for Christians to identify the God nature living in this man and call it further out.

    Man, I hope that he’s pulled-into not pushed-from the goodness of God by our response. (whether we spend $10 to go see the movie or not)

  17. So Phil thinks these are great movies that should be supported because regardless of their motives people are reading the bible? God can use anything. Well, lets see. God used Hitler to push the Jewish people to return to Israel, so in his analogy, we should all support Hitler?

    1. I don’t think they’re all great movies Paul. You aren’t interested. I get that. But rather than criticize, I’ll just praise God that nearly a million people by now are reading the Bible.

  18. With a totally inaccurate version of the flood story I suspect it is simply due to people who already know the facts checking the facts. It is completely irresponsible to draw attention to a movie the mocks God’s Word and attribute it to bringing people to God

    In addition to that, is it wise to seek entertainment from media that promotes blasphemy (misrepresentations of God and His Word or His representatives) or celebrates those sins that my Savior died for (e.g., vulgar language, fornication, immodesty, crude humor, and so on)?
    There is a verse about not giving the appearance of evil. God does NOT need Hollywood or Phil to get His message across.

    1. That’s correct. God doesn’t need ANY of us to get His message across. But what an opportunity He gives us to participate in that! The Noah movie isn’t the Bible story. I’ve said that in my blog, and the studio promoted it as “inspired by”. But the question is – what do we do? Sit on the sidelines and criticize, or get in there and use that moment to share the REAL story of Noah? I for one believe in getting in their and engaging.
      Thanks for posting!

      1. We do what we are supposed to do – Preach the Word in season and out. We do not manipulate statistics as has clearly been done here.

        1. On what factual basis do you accuse these Bible organizations of “manipulating statistics?” Have you talked to them or examined their research? Is accusing people erroneously part of preaching the Word in and out of season?

          1. “Our church members are reporting over and over that the first thing they’re doing after seeing the movie is to pull out their
            Bibles and re-read the story.”

            The fact that so-called
            “Christians” are flocking to see a movie that mocks God’s Word is a
            shameless misuse of the resources God gave them. For what purpose? To learn why it is bad? Kind of like people viewing porn so they can then talk
            about its evils. This should be REBUKED not praised.
            The title of YOUR article attributes the movie ALONE as the reason for the increase.in research of the Bible. Praise GOD that more people are reading the Bible! Yoking it to bad behavior is manipulative.

          2. You don’t see a connection between a spike of hundreds of thousands of people reading the Noah story over the 3 day weekend that the movie opened?
            Wow. Honestly, how cynical can you be? You don’t like the movie. I get it. But don’t you think that God is big enough to work in spite of that? Fortunately, I worship a bigger God.

          3. And given your other article encouraging people to see this movie that I just saw, I think the path you are on is evident..

          4. Wow. So you’ve determined that I’m a heretic or not a believer at all even though you’ve never met me or seen the movie.
            Not a lot of grace in that kind of gospel…

          5. We are commanded in the Bible to rebuke and reprove false teachers. Any person calling themselves a Christian would know that and also know that recommending other Christians go see a movie that depicts a FALSE version of a Bible story (as you have done) when they have a perfectly good BIBLE to read from literally STINKS of hypocrisy. There is no lack of grace in reminding a person that what they are doing could cause others to stumble. Rebuking sinful behavior is just that. Nothing more, nothing less. I am not the first person to point this out to you Phil. Your ego and pride simply make you unable to see it.

          6. Carl, I don’t know you. But you’re one sad angry guy. It’s a movie. Nobody died. Nobody lost their salvation from watching this film. All stats point to 4 times as many Christians liking the film as disliking it. Also all stats point to more bible reading because of it. Chill out. You’ve gone around the bend, amigo. So as Shem said to Ham, “Have a beer and relax.” (that was in the movie, not the scripture.)

          7. Really JB???
            “4 times as many Christians liked the film as disliked it”?
            What kind of “Christian” likes a movie that grossly distorts the true biblical account of God’s flood? Would you also like a story that grossly misrepresented your human father???

          8. Actually it’s called “research” Carl. Probably nothing you’re familiar with since you base everything on your own lame opinions.
            JB is right. Get a life. Whatever the shortcomings of the film, people are using it to share the gospel. Obviously you hate that. Good for you. Go be miserable somewhere else.

          9. What gospel would that be RJ since by everyone’s admission this movie does not accurately depict the Bible? You are a fool and a pawn of Satan

          10. Thank you. That last statement pretty much sums up your self-appointed role as a theology cop. I’m sure Phil’s readers are grateful that you’re out there keeping us straight.

          11. The more I read your comments the more I see the devil. You continue to attack and mock anyone who does not agree with you. You may have knowledge but knowledge puffs up. You have no compassion for your brethren, no love for us. Even if we were wrong the Lord says to accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters. Romans 15:1 now you phil that are strong ought to bear the weaknesses of those without strength and not just please ourselves. Each of us is to please his neighbor for his good, to his edification. (This is for believers only). If someone is caught in sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also maybe tempted. I think that your own zealous for the Lord has blinded you and your knowledge of the word has puffed you up. You need to fall of the horse like Paul. Phil, phil, why do you persecute me? I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. Any time we mock our brethren we mock the Lord. So don’t judge lest you be judged, remember with the same measure you measure you will be measured. You should spend some time praying and let the spirit of the Lord speak to you about all these matters. Love you

          12. “You are a fool and a pawn of Satan” – again Carl, really demonstrating a gift of discernment there. Nice one.

            Have you seen the film?

            Have you met Phil?

            Both questions are rhetorical. I know you have done neither.

            I would be seriously tempted to apply your accustation to you, as you are clearly “accusing the brethren” here. But I don’t think it would be wise. I don’t know you, and for all I know there are deep rooted reasons why you are determined to keep making your ludicrous argument here.

            Go and see Noah, then meet up with Phil sometime, look him in the eye, and try telling him he is a “fool and a pawn of Satan” with a straight face.

          13. You are right, we don’t need to see porn to see evil. We can just read your comments towards Phil. The devil is the accuser of the brethren and he is using you to do his dirty work.

          14. Awesome comparison Carl. Let’s look at that:
            Paul knew Peter very well because they had ministered together. Paul also knew the issue intimately, since it was a significant question for the early church. Third, he was very gracious. He simply asked Peter a direct question – he didn’t insinuate Peter was lying, question his faith, or his sincerity.
            You however, have broken all those principles:
            You’ve never met me, or read anything by me outside a couple of blog posts. You have no idea of my walk with God. You’ve never seen the movie in question, so you’re speaking from ignorance. You insinuate the Bible ministries above are lying about their statistics, and you’ve questioned my salvation.
            It looks like to me you don’t know the slightest bit about what a scriptural “rebuke” is my friend – it sounds much more like the behavior of a Pharisee. And as Jesus walked away from them, I’m walking away from you Carl.
            You’ve shown who you really are, and I’m not interested in wasting my time.
            God bless you, and you won’t hear any more from me.

          15. I don’t need to meet a teacher who teaches “2+2=6” to be able to discern they are teaching error so your analogy is incorrect.
            Tell me Phil… Have I said ANYTHING false about this movie?
            Yes run and hide. Most do when confronted with the truth. Peter didn’t Phil does.

          16. And remember something obvious Phil.. I am not the first person to confront you on this issue…. Only the most recent.

          17. Actually, pretty much everything you’ve said is false. You haven’t seen the movie, so you’re basing your nutty ranting on 2nd or 3rd hand knowledge.
            It’s not a Christian movie. It wasn’t meant to be. So what?. Is your God THAT weak and ineffective that a Hollywood movie makes you this freaked out?
            God is much bigger than you think.
            Stay in the shallow end of the pool Carl. It’s much safer there.

          18. Really? what EXACTLY have I said about this movie that is false? Provide FACTS instead of empty rants.
            My God is the God of the Bible and He takes a fairly dim few of those who claim to believe in Him that think its “no big deal” when He is misrepresented. In fact in the TRUE story of Noah, He killed EVERYONE who thought it was no big deal.

          19. I don’t have that much time… but here’s a few:
            “Mocks God’s Word” – wrong. It’s not the Bible story anyway.
            “Celebrates sin, vulgar language, immodesty, crude humor? – wrong. Not in this movie. (But since you haven’t even seen it, how would you know?
            The Bible organizations “manipulated statistics” about people reading the Noah story after the movie – Wrong.
            You call the people who watched the movie “So called “Christians” – wrong again.
            You say Phil’s post “yoked Bible reading to bad behavior.” Wrong.
            You said Phil believes we MUST use ungodly material to reach sinners. Wrong.
            You call people who disagree with you a “tool and pawn of Satan.”
            Carl – Stop trying to argue about something you know nothing about. Read a little about the movie, do some research, and above all SEE IT before you waste people’s time with such ridiculous stuff.
            You’re not helping the cause of Christ here my friend…

          20. You are INCREDIBLY dishonest. With regards to “celebrating sin” reread my post and try to keep up with the context. I was referring to HOLLYWOOD sparky. I’d address the other issues as well but clearly you can’t keep up. Its best you stay out of the conversation entirely.

          21. Carl – You argue in circles and refuse to engage honestly. Sadly, you remind me of Proverbs 18:2:
            “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.”
            You haven’t seen the movie you think you know so much about. Have a little intellectual honesty or get out of the conversation!
            I’m amazed Phil has this much patience and hasn’t blocked you by now… You could learn something from that level of graciousness.

          22. Carl,

            Your “2+2=6” analogy is frankly ridiculous.

            Having an opinion on a film is exactly that – an opinion. You can agree or disagree with someone elses opinion, but you cannot say they are factually wrong. That is the fundamental thing that makes a discussion of the arts different to a discussion of science or maths (yes maths – I gather in the US you only do the one, ie math – here in the UK we do several).

            Also “Run and hide” – words fail me. The bulk of your arguments have been firmly debunked by others below (I particularly like the Proverbs reference, which essentially means never argue with an idiot as they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience), but frankly that was a new low.

            Yes, run and hide Phil, the theology police are on your tail. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you…

          23. Lets do a real quick comparison. Jesus NEVER told people to go see something that misrepresented God’s Word and then come back and discuss it. Phil does. Jesus NEVER taught that in order to reach sinners we must use ungodly material in our efforts. Phil does. Jesus NEVER required anyone to see evil before they could be a credible witness against it. Phil Does.
            I NEVER questioned the raw data of the statistics you showed – I questioned the ASSUMPTIONS being made about it. I questioned the process of “doing evil that good may come” you have espoused here.
            Putting everything together, I think a well-grounded Christian is absolutely correct to question your motives. Calling that “Pharisee-like” is incredibly disingenuous. You have been rebuked for doing these things and justly so.

          24. Carl, let it go. You have an opinion, that’s fine. But please just be careful how you express it; you really have attacked your brother in your posts, and your last one really shows it.
            I pray God talks to you about this. God Bless x

          25. And given your other article encouraging people to see this movie, I think the path you are on is evident..

          26. Reading your comments makes me so angry, the word says be angry but do not sin. you are accusing and condemming Phil over a movie. You think that you are so godly and righteous by quoting verses from the bible to attack another of your brothers. You are being like the pharisees. We are suppost to encourage one another and build up one another in love. Your words are not in love. Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Can you believe what unbelievers are saying about us? They are laughing at us and mocking our God because we don’t agree about a movie. If you have not seen the movie you can not comment about it. Don’t think you need to defend the bible or God. But worry about your own salvation with fear and trembling, let us be careful that none of us be found to have fallen short of it

          27. Are we not to be like Bereans and make sure what is being taught is true KZ? Or do you conveniently forget that passage (and others) when attacking me for pointing out hypocrisy?

          28. Carl, no one is attacking you. I think is the other way around. You are attacking phil and everyone else that does not agree with you. The Bereans is a very good verse, let’s read it; And the people of Berea were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, and they listened eagerly to Paul’s message. They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth. This verse alone condems you. You are not openminded, you are not listening eagerly to learn, but listening to condemn. The Bereans would of most likely gonne to see the movie. Well Carlk this is it for me. Take care.

          29. The Bereans were open minded no question there but then they always went back to the scripture to see if what they were being taught was true. Open mindedness does not mean being foolish. The fact is the movie Noah is about a worldwide flood. But it is NOT by any stretch an accurate depiction of *THE* worldwide flood in the Bible. If it is not TRUE (i.e. accurate) , the Bereans would have discarded it. Phil, by his own admission, stated that it is inaccurate. If we are to be like Bereans and discard that which is false, what does that say about those that still partake or those that recommend that others partake. Given a choice between hawking an accurate story or an inaccurate one, we as Christians should stick only with the accurate one.

          30. That’s weird reasoning Carl. The gods the Athenians worshipped at Mars Hill weren’t true, but Paul didn’t discard them. He studied them and then engaged their leaders with the true story of the one God they left unnamed. That’s all Phil is asking from us.
            Noah isn’t the true Biblical account, but let’s use that film to engage the thousands watching it and tell them the true story.
            As Paul showed us, things don’t have to be Biblically true for us to use them to challenge our culture.

          31. You’re right KZ. This guy is out there. Phil is showing a lot of patience just allowing him to keep writing this drivel.

  19. To see such fear and anger in these responses is amazing to me. I’m especially dismayed at the number of self-proclaimed “doctrinal cops” who feel perfectly fine telling others they are in error, even though the accusers haven’t even seen the movie in question!
    Have a little intellectual integrity people! Know what you’re talking about before you accuse other brothers!
    As for me and my house, we’re thrilled that more people are reading the Noah story from the scriptures. To feel otherwise seems to say something about your motives…

  20. This is great news! Anything that drives people to explore the story directly in the Bible is wonderful thing! God’s Word does not return void!

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