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The Risk of Christian Celebrity

Australian Michael Guglielmucci’s story is an interesting case of the dangerous place that “Christian celebrity” can lead.  My friends in Australia tell me that he apparently hoodwinked the entire Christian community there, by lying about having terminal cancer for 2 ½ years.  No one knew – not even his wife.

His father’s a pastor from one of the larger Churches in the country, and he’s a leader there.  It’s a huge story among churches in the country.  His cancer story had a big run in the Adelaide paper (where his father’s church is) and ran on one national TV program and apparently thousands were praying for his healing.

He even appeared on the stage with what they now know was fake oxygen tubes and I’m told there might be criminal charges that he could face for fraud.  The question becomes, “How far will some ministry leaders go to stay in the limelight?”

What happens when pastors and  ministry leaders get addicted to the attention?


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  1. i had heard about this last was so upsetting to me..i can't understand it. do u really think it has to do with his "celebrity" status tho?

  2. Its difficult to imagine a more painful scenario than this, and I feel particularly sorry for the Michael and his family.

    Its bizarre. In fact, when our congregation was notified by email I had to read it several times to make sure I hadn't misunderstood it.

    Celebrity and fame is undoubtedly mercurial and must be handled with great care.  I am just reminded of how fragile and deeply flawed we all are, and Church leaders are no exception.

    As my Pastor once said; "Thank God for Jesus"! 

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