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The Loud Guy in the Office

Who's more concerned about LOOKING good than BEING good...

I just checked into a hotel in Texas, and had an interesting experience at the registration desk. The night manager was very personable, outgoing, friendly, and nice. The only problem was, he never actually accomplished anything. As the line grew longer at the registration desk, he would smile and say, “We’ll be right with you” and then disappear behind a door, leaving a harried young woman all by herself.

When I needed to get a fax, he loudly said, “Absolutely sir, I’ll take care of it right away.” Once again, he disappeared behind the door, never to be seen again. Does your office have that guy? Always happy, always eager, always making an impression – just like he’s read in all the business books.

The only problem is, he never actually accomplishes anything. He’s more concerned about looking good than being good. And by the way, after going through 2 more people to get my fax, he took it from another employee and personally brought it out just like he was a hero. That guy has everything figured out – how to do the least amount of work, pawn the real stuff off on the other employees, and still get credit for it.

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  1. I bet the boss thinks he's invaluable.  People like him are usually very successful.  They fool most of the people all of the time.  Usually the only people who know how little they do are under or beside them on the ladder.

    360 degree evaluations systems cut through that tripe.  It's a shame more organizations don't use 'em.

  2. I've worked for several producers who are like that. The crew does all the work…the editor puts everything together…and he/she takes all the credit. 

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