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Manufacturing a Protest from Christians

On June 2nd, a protest march was staged outside the Los Angeles Convention Center.  It was Christians protesting the release of the new video game by Electronic Arts called Dante’s Inferno game, according to the Associated Press.  The only problem?  It was all staged.  Because Christian protests in the past have generated publicity, EA decided to hire a marketing company to create the whole thing.  They even created this fake Christian protest website called “We Are Saved.”  As World Magazine reported:

“Channeling its best Ned Flanders, Electronic Arts (EA), distributor of popular gaming software titles like Madden and Rockband, staged a protest—of its own product. A marketing team hired by EA staged a protest of EA’s upcoming release “Dante’s Inferno,” a third-person action-adventure game based loosely on the epic poem by the Italian poet. The undercover marketing group sought to stir up publicity at a trade show in Los Angeles on June 6 by posing as Christians who objected to the game, saying video games ought not glorify eternal damnation. The paid picketers even held up signs that read, “Hell Is Not a Video Game” and “Trade in Your PlayStation for a PrayStation.”

What is your reaction to this?  When the culture creates a parody protest from Christians, isn’t that a huge indicator that the real ones they’re making fun of, don’t work?  Maybe it’s time Christians created a new engagement strategy.


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  1. I don’t know whether to laugh really loud or cry uncontrollably.

    I think we’ve known for a long time Christian protests don’t work. That it would be a marketing tool, well thats innovative marketing. When will it get to the point that Christian’s need to make a parody of evil to shock people to church?

  2. All it proves is that protests [whether fake or real] often attract media attention.   I have seen Green activists do the same thing, while chained to a bulldozer.  They spend all their time on their mobile phone calling the TV station, seeking coverage.

    A valid question about the effectiveness of a campaign.  But what is the alternative?  Just sit back like most gutless Christians & watch the world race headlong to Hell?  Yeah, great. 

    The new engagement strategy might well be to gain some some testicular fortitude.






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