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Religious Broadcaster of the Year?

While too many American religious programs rely on the A-list of fundraisers for telethon week, have family spats about the “direction” of the ministry, sell “Jesus Junk,” or preach shallow theology or prosperity, Coptic Priest Father Zakaria Botros is creating television that takes Islam to the mat head-on.  For his own safety, he shoots in a secret location in the Middle East, and has up to 60 million viewers in the Muslim world.  He is also using new technology and hosting online chat rooms from his Wi-Fi connected Sony Vaio laptop.

He’s so effective, he has a $60 million bounty on his head from Jihadist groups.  This guy is serious, and he’s using traditional broadcast TV, digital media (he calls “St. Google”) and more to get his voice heard throughout the Middle East.  World Magazine has named him their “Daniel of the Year.” Considering the content of a typical U.S. religious program, what we do here is embarrasing by comparison…

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  1. Is this man available for a strong cup of Egyptian coffee? Oh, that's right – there's a death threat on his head for preaching about Jesus and calling Islam a false religion. Oy veh.

    This man is certainly courageous with an uncompromising, bold faith. Good for him – and the Gospel. At 75 he's web & new media savvy. Does his research, speaks classical Arabic, chats online, reaches scores of Muslims daily. He's immersed in the culture and knows his audience well by using the very texts and tenets of Islam to refute their own belief system. No one living in the darkness wants to be told their dire situation by someone in the light. No one can argue with him, so they attack him. Sounds a lot like Jesus to me – and the Apostle Paul. Plus he's shrewd in how he uses the airwaves.

    There must be some obvious lessons here for all those televangelist families out there with the president-founder, plus mom and the kids on the board. Because this priest is ALL about content, not delivery or expanding his kingdom. So, instead of flying around on the ministry jet, building the big house on the family compound or running up $10K a night bills at the Four Seasons (Benny are you listening?) – why don't Paul, Benny, Morris, Paula, Ken and Mike each send Father Zakaria a check for $1 million so he can get more phones & counsellors? (He's actually winning people to Jesus, not hawking holy anointing oil.)

    Now THAT would be donor money well spent!!!

  2. These are also very helpful sites with many good free resources comparing and debating Islam vs. true Bible teachings:


    Answering Islam

    Answering Islam may be the most thorough online source dealing with these issues.

    Books by John Gilchrist

    In three major series: 1) Foundational Books (FB), 2) Christianity and Islam Series (CIS), and 3) The Qur’an and the Bible Series (QBS). All the material here is put up with the permission of the author. The "Qur'an and the Bible Series" consists mainly of well-reasoned responses to booklets by Deedat. The "Christianity and Islam Series" presents other important topics.

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