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Face It: You’re Not Just a Producer or Filmmaker: You’re a Fundraiser

Early in my working life, one of my (many) great regrets was not realizing that a career as a director, producer, or filmmaker really means a career as a fundraiser. We producers like to think of ourselves as creative, organized leaders. But the truth is, we need to add raising money to that list if we’re going to be successful.

I made this very point recently when I was working with a local TV station and met with their production team. Since the station program producers were full-time employees on a salary, they just assumed it was the program director or station manager’s job to find the money for production. But I told them that in any situation, a producer who comes to a project willing to raise the money to see it happen will go right to the front of the line.

If you’re frustrated with your budget, then assume that responsibility. Start networking. Start meeting people. Start looking for funding options. Dallas Jenkins had a dream for producing a series on the life of Jesus. He couldn’t find any money from normal channels, so he crowdsourced it. Now he’s the proud producer of “The Chosen.”

Over the years, truly creative producers have found money in the most unlikely places in the most innovative ways: branded content, corporate sponsorship, crowd funding, pre-sales, direct donations, Uncle Bob, and more.

Join that proud legacy. Find the money and fund your dream.

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