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Your Social Media Profile Is More Important Than You Think

When it comes to a “profile” or “bio” on social media, most people just have fun with it. That’s OK, but if you want to be an influencer, get noticed, or grow your followers, a more creative and strategic profile can give you a big boost.  Here’s the three most important areas most people need to fix:

1) Your Photo: What’s the image you want to project to the world? It’s not about egomania, it’s about perception. Your social media profile photo is something people will see over and over again – perhaps thousands of times. So make it something you want burned into their memory. Great visual design is the gateway that opens your world to outsiders. Photos are an important part of great visual design, so every time you post a photo on a profile, make it count.

2) The Link: What’s the most important and authoritative website that tells your story? Do you have a blog? A general website? If not, perhaps it’s your Facebook page. In some cases, you may want to use the link to your company, church, nonprofit – particularly if you focus your social media posts on the work you do with that organization.  Whatever URL it may be, it’s the key to finding out more about you, so don’t forget it.

3) Your Bio: Keep it short, but make it count. If you had one shot to share who you are and what you do with the public, what would you say? You can have fun with it (I do with mine on Twitter), but remember that it’s one of the most viewed opportunities for you to connect with people. Here’s a good link to 6 questions your social media bio should answer.

Keep in mind that these tips work for organizations as well. In fact, here’s a good post about how organizations have used their profiles to make an impact. It may give you some good ideas.

An informative social media profile makes a big impact on your perception.

Any readers have more suggestions about how to make a bigger impact with your social media profiles?

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  1. Excellent points.
    One thing I have seen successfully used in combination with the twitter profile is a pinned tweet that has links to more information.
    Something I am working on is trying to develop a background image that creates a snapshot of who I am.
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
    For some of my projects, it’s simpler.
    The background image for Kawartha Lakes Mums shows a list of where we share posts.
    My personal Facebook profile on the other hand, highlights my gratitude and acts as a reminder to me to as God to help me forgive as I have been forgiven. There, my photo is a faceless female icon that reflects my wish to put the focus on Christ.
    So, what image would combine my passion for sharing useful information, frugal living, and my gratitude for God’s Love?
    I’m sure when the timing is right, it will be revealed to me.
    Perhaps until then, an image that stimulates curiosity – a question mark? might be the best solution.

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