"Expelled" Update – Yoko’s Odd Problem

In a rather bizarre and almost funny update on Ben Stein’s movie “EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed” – the movie is being challenged by Yoko Ono.  She’s filed lawsuits against the film for the use and critique of John Lennon’s song “Imagine”. One of the suits seeks preliminary injunctive relief, essentially meaning that they are trying to expel EXPELLED as it is now being shown in theaters. Premise (the production company) did not pursue a license for the song and says it had no obligation to do so based on the fair use doctrine. The brief “Imagine” clip, consisting of only 10 words, was used as part of a
social commentary in the exercise of free speech and was not used as an endorsement of EXPELLED.

Ben Stein says: “So Yoko Ono is suing over the brief, Constitutionally protected use of a song that wants us to ‘Imagine no possessions’? Maybe instead of wasting everyone’s time trying to silence a documentary she should give the song to the world for free? After all, ‘imagine all the people sharing all the world…You may say I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us, And the World can live as one.'”

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  1. Talk about irony to the nth degree!

    Maybe the publicity will spur greater interest in the film beyond the niche it seems to be hitting now.


  2. This movie was breath of fresh air.First of all Ben Stein has a dry sense of humor that my Dad felt was annoying and fell asleep, he is 67 years old so I will cut him a break, however, I couldn’t stop from laughing!

    I loved the position Ben Stein took, I love the people he interviewed, they apppeared to be at the top of their profession. I loved that fact that he took a stand but did it a light fashion, it was not in your face but more factual. The cut aways were absolutely priceless.

    I went through several phases through out the movie. At first I was thinking about the documentary style he chosed to tell the story. About halfway through the movie I was getting mad, and wanted to go play hockey to release some of my tension. I couldn’t believe how “stupid” of a society we have, it is unbelievble to me that we live in a world that still embraces Darwinism and still struggle to accept a God centered society. So much to the fact we have to say Intellgent Design and not God Centered.

    Perhaps its just getting more and more obvious that Satan as at work, and we need to buckle down and pray and evangelism more.

  3. The fascinating thing about "Expelled" is the extreme reaction it invokes in people.   The vast majority of critics loathe it.  Moviegoers are evenly divided.  Half give it 5 stars, half give it none.  Few rate it any other way.

    Yoko Ono is willing to make a fool of herself lashing out against "Expelled" with her egregiously silly lawsuit.  Fine, that's just more publicity.

    For roughly 30 years, (yes, even as teens), my husband and I have agreed to be sure and see every movie the critics loathe.   If they hate it, it's gotta be good!  The critics hate movies with happy endings.  They hate decent humor.  Innocence offends them.  Heroism and idealism strike them as hackneyed and dull.  For them, a movie has got to be "edgy", and by that they mean perverse.    

    So by frothing with wrath and contempt every time "Expelled" is mentioned, the Left gives it a big boost.  Bring it on!

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