Yes, TV Commercials Can Be An Art Form

Recognizing the brilliance of some of the best advertising campaigns

I’ve created a lot of media over the years. Television programming, including prime-time special events, dramatic films, documentaries, music videos, promotional videos, and much more. However, while I love documentaries intensely, I have to admit some of the most memorable experiences of my career have been involved with advertising.

Most film schools these days are obsessed with training their students to come to Hollywood, where far too many end up selling coffee at Starbucks.

And that’s exactly why I think we need to recognize the power of advertising and the creativity it takes to do it well.

For example, look at this extended TV commercial for Chevrolet. It’s designed to sell cars, of course, but more importantly, it leaves you with a powerfully emotional connection to the brand.

As AdAge magazine reported: “It marks the third straight year Chevy has run a holiday ad making use of one of its classic cars. The approach is more about making an emotional connection and leaning into the brand’s 112-year history than making a hard sell (although the ads subtly weave in modern Chevys).”

Advertising agency Commonwealth/McCann created the commercial, which was directed by Tom Hooper.

Just watch it, and tell me you don’t think TV commercials can be an art form. Then, ask yourself: Is my organization using advertising effectively? 





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  1. OMG! Beautiful!! Hey Phil, by any chance, do you have a playlist in youtube of only awesome inspirational short stories like this?

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