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Can You Read the Handwriting on the Wall?

Far too many people don’t recognize change when it starts to happen.  I don’t know if it’s denial, insecurity or what, but in my experience, very few get onboard early.  Even in crisis situations, few read the handwriting on the wall until it’s too late.  Jesus was upset at the church leaders of his day because they could look at the sky and predict the weather, but couldn’t read the signs of the times.

When the famous luxury ship Titanic stuck the iceberg, it took two and a half hours to sink.  But although the hull was ripped and water was rushing into the compartments, when the first lifeboat was launched, there were only 28 people in it, despite it’s capacity to hold 65.   In life – like on the Titanic – there are only a few people who have the ability to discern the meaning of small events and have the courage to make a decision.

The rest (sometimes literally) go down with the ship.

Which type are you?

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  1. I have always been one that sees the handwriting on the wall before the folks around me, and I have found that, in general, it just makes people mad.

    It is true in my personal life and in my career.  I am vocal about what is coming and seek to prepare for it, and in general, get shot at though I am just the messenger. 

  2. While I agree, for the most part, with much of what Robert is saying, he is ignoring one very crucial dynamic.  The sheep/general public aren’t asked to have one active duty – they ask to be given one crucial duty.

    Rather than save money and purchase homes, car, etc., within their means or invest for retirement, they look for get rich quick schemes, lottery tickets and take loans they know they can’t really pay back.

    They choose to accept without examination anything their pastor says, instead of taking the time to investigate their own faith – or even what their church teaches, whether it’s prosperity gospel, the Creeds, or false doctrines.  Hell, they don’t even know what’s Biblical and what’s extra-Biblical.

    The same is true for the media – if you don’t question, how can you complain that the lies are being told?

    And now, the people, the hoi polloi, if you will, have elected a government that they deserve – the government they told everyone they wanted.  Change means you never have to think, you never have to decide, you never have to worry as long as things go your way – and if they don’t, well, sorry you weren’t paying attention when we shifted things – but you’re stuck now.

    But that’s okay – we don’t want to have to think for ourselves when we can pay someone else to do it, whether that someone is named Bush, Obama, or Father Abraham…

  3. Texas will not REALLY succeed for the nation–and we have no where to hide.  And we will need somewhere to hide before the next election.

  4. Good post Paul,

    Much of Christian broadcasting clearly would not pass Western Civilization’s critical thinking calculus.  Therefore, much of Christian broadcasting AVOIDS critical thinking.

    And what does classic critical thinking detect in modern broadcast ministry?  Why, the same two monsters of man since the dawn of civilization:  Mysticism and Tyranny.

    The name-it-claim-it, Word-of-Faith, You-Can-Have-What-You-Want-Just-Support-What-I-Say crowd appears to be claiming they dictate the reactions of a robot-god that ALWAYS moves to multiply donations to wolves-in-sheeps-clothings back to the sheared sheep. 

    This is, quite frankly, Mysticism and Tyranny — in religion.

    And the BIG PROBLEM – is that a person, just for the sake of argument, could find a spiritual father who teaches these shenanigans, and sit at his feet for, oh say, twenty years.

    And this person could want to become a politician.  Say, just for the sake of argument, he learns Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) shenanigans from this spiritual father, and then without understanding just what foolishness it all is, APPLIES these strange-fire methods to politics…

    And this person, again for the sake of argument, could become a US Senator, then President.

    And the media-business-political-NLP-religion cult culture caught up in all this strange-fire-persona-worship, well they "get shivers" up their collective leg just hearing THIS MAN.

    And, just for the sake of argument, the biggest and most popular broadcast ministries really help this process, because at varying levels they pretty much all avoid critical thinking processes, all use hidden NLP techniques, and are one brother to this new anti-christ leader.  This crowd never self-corrects or changes for the better.

    And since Beezelbub cannot cast himself out of himself, our sources of truth… ain’t.

  5. Maybe I’m just being "Satan’s Lawyer" here, but some of those people might also be the same type of people that ran to the hills w/ trucks of bottled water for Y2K. I just mean it’s easy to overreact and in some cases be seen as wise (Titanic) or crazy (Y2K). If you get it right once, what does it mean?I agree it’s difficult to discern the meaning of small events… it’s even harder to do it consistently.
    So what are the signs today? What is the correct interpretation and reaction? What’s the wise thing? What is the brave thing? Jump ship into a life boat or stay and try to save others? Ignore the calls to a lifeboat or rush "me first" into a boat and launch it?

  6. I’m happy to go on the record here and just say that I think this recession is not your normal recession. I think there’s a lot of denial going on and no amount of "High School Musical" cheerleading is going to save the day.
    Exhibit A – the state of California. Make sure you sit down with a strong cup of coffee before you click on the link I have inserted as my homepage (just for this post).

  7. Phil,  God post.
     Okay, let’s look at a big set of patterns…  "derivatives to dunces, billions to brazen"
    1) Certain mega-egos in the financial industry make financial derivatives so obscure and complicated, they can be packaged as rated AAA when really the underlying mortgage loans were junk.  These brilliant derivative packagers were paid by annual bonuses that robbed the owners (shareowners, mutual fund/401K holders) of the institutions, and made the businesses lose money.
    2) Certain mega-egos in the political realm TAKE the taxpayer’s money and give it to these institutions, too big to fail.  The political and business leaders expect the public to acquiese and be passive…. to wait, while money is extracted out of them…. to make the rich… richer and more powerful, whether politician or banker.
    3)  Certain mega-egos in the religious realm make religious derivatives so obscure and complicated, they can be packaged as AAA when really the underlying doctrines are junk.  This would be Word of Faith/Prosperity/Give-to-Get shenanigans.  These

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