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A couple of years ago, John UpChurch, at More Novel by the Week did a short interview with me on my writing habits.  For those of you struggling to get a script, book, or other writing project done, it might give you some good ideas.   I’d love to know what you think.  Here’s the interview.

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  1. I read the interview and was totally inspired. I've heard this same message in the last few months and am convinced it's the right attitude – "Just write." Get started. I've read your book Branding Faith, and am going to be buying your new one as well. I appreciate your style and this interview, I hope, will challenge aspiring writers to dive in, take risks, and get started. Good advice about understanding appropriate media outlets as well.

    Thanks Phil!

  2. Phil,  I appreciate the hard work that you put into your blog.  Writing even a small article is no easy task.  I believe that the Full Gospel camp of the Body would be better served by ministers who were also writers.  


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