It’s Not About the Transaction – It’s About the Experience

What’s the “WOW” factor in your business?  Buying a product is one thing, but being blown away by the experience is something completely different.  Companies like Apple have discovered the power of the wow experience, and it’s almost like being a cult.  Compare the Apple experience to the Windows experience.  I noticed last night that Windows has just released a new campaign to convince people to buy Vista.  PC users hate
the operating system so much that although it’s been out for quite some time, the company actually has to do an ad campaign to sell it after the release.  With Apple upgrades, customers stand in line for days, but with Windows, they have to persuade people to buy it.  In fact, there are already parody spots based on the campaign.  Which is more like your customer, partner, or supporter experience?


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  1. Several months ago someone made the comment that Apple doesn't just have "market share" it has "mind share". Isn't that what we're trying to accomplish in media ministry?

  2. Dan,

    I think I disagree with you in principle; perhaps I didn't understand your concept of "secularizing" a Christian media or Christian information. Do you have a sample of what you meant by "secularizing" a Christian website and information and how do we turn off non-Christians who come to our "Christian" portals of communication and information?

    By the way, glad to read you're back… for a while my wife and I actually kept you in our prayers.


  3. I would consider "secularizing" your website and all communication. EVERYONE sees it. And you have to control the outward flow of information. It's not hiding God, nothing AT your ministry has to change, but you have to consider the public, non-believers and the media. Brand yourself as good, honest, friendly people. That's who you are, right? First impressions of "Christians" turn off non-Christians.

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