Does Your Work Stand The Test of Time?

I was reading a piece by novelist and travel writer Paul Theroux in the Los Angeles Times recently, and he was asked about writing that stands up over the years. He said, “A lot of books that you read as a youth don’t stand up. “A Catcher in the Rye” didn’t stand up. “On the Road” didn’t stand up. Henry Miller doesn’t stand up. But at the time [when you’re 18], you’re thinking, “God, this is great!” Even “The Stranger,” Albert Camus, didn’t stand up. But … you rereadMadame Bovary” and you think, “My God, this is a masterpiece. This is the most wonderful book.”

It started me thinking. Will my work last? Is the writing, directing, or producing quality of my work good enough that it will still be relevant 50 or more years from now? What about you? Does your work stand up?

Here’s my question:  What do you think are the qualities about creative work that make it stand the test of time? I’d love to know your thoughts. Give me a list….


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