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Witness Versus Propagandist

Question: Are you a witness or propagandist? I think it’s worth thinking about, when we talk about sharing our faith with the culture. Although I’ve spent my career working in the mass media, I’ve learned that the most effective thing we can do is to inspire believers to share their faith with others on a personal level.

But how you share that faith matters. It’s not about being pushy, arguing about the truth, or dominating the conversation. It’s about living the kind of life that immediately makes the Christian life something that seems reasonable and attractive.

There are Christian employers who bully their employees, impose their will in the workplace, lose their temper, and rule the office with an iron hand. Then they’re shocked when their efforts to share their faith gets no response from those same employees.

Jesus wasn’t pushy, he was confident. He wasn’t about imposing his faith on others, he was about telling them the story, and living the kind of live people noticed and responded to.

It’s about authenticity and love, not power.

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  1. It's easy to sympathize with the nonchristians who are tired of being bombarded with propaganda.  There is a church near us with a congregation that believes if you're not a member of their church, you require conversion.  They're nice folks, but incredibly supercilious.  

    That impression seems to echo what many people open to Christ say about Christians.  If we want to welcome more people into the body of Christ, we're going to have to be more respectful.

  2. Just one question to ask someone almost any where any time. How do you get to heaven? Only one way. Like a math equation only one answer. Jesus the way the truth the life. Other scriptures to add to that to get the point across. If there was a different way why did He have to die such a horrible death if there was some other way. Not a hard thing to share or comprehend. Let them chew on that.

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