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Will You Spend The Rest of Your Life Catching Other People’s Home Runs?

Remember the close call during Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix?  They almost had a repeat of the previous week’s tragic fall at a Texas Rangers game.  Fan Keith Carmickle lost his footing trying to catch a ball, but luckily, he was saved — just in time.  According to reports, this guy was a “professional fan.”  He brought his glove, and even had his shoes off, ready to make a catch to add to his collection.

I’m glad his friends saved him from being injured, but guys like Carmickle, remind me of all those who put so much into other people’s exploits.  He can’t be an actual player, so this adult male comes with his cap and glove and pretends from the stands.  How many people live their lives vicariously through their sports, rock music, celebrity, or other heros?  Some live life through their own kids.

However you cut it, I’d like to actually be on the field, or simply in the stands enjoying watching the pros doing their thing.  At some point in your life, you need to grow up and move on.

I’m sure Carmickle is a nice fellow.  But whatever your dream is, know when to give it up.  If you can’t be Derrick Jeter, then find an area where you can become the Derrick Jeter of – and stop spending the rest of your life in a fantasy.

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  1. But we should also remember, and even celebrate, the fact that not everyone needs or wants to be a rockstar. We also need cheerleaders, we also need fans. I bet Carmickle loves catching that ball.

    More than ever, everyone wants to be a rockstar. So much in fact, that they ignore everyone or just use everyone else as a stepping stone. Being a rockstar or famous shouldn’t be the goal, playing the role God created us to play should be. For some that will be hitting grand slams, for others that will be being a professional fan.

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