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Will More Twitter Followers Get You A Better Job?

Last week a producer in Hollywood admitted to an actress that she lost a lead role in a TV series because she didn’t have enough Twitter followers. That’s right. She had about 7,000 social media followers and her rival for the part had 30,000. Considering the importance of Twitter in promoting a network TV series, the producer made his decision based on marketing rather than talent.  That’s probably not something he’ll admit in public, but from actors I’ve talked to, it’s certainly happening more and more.

In the past, movie studios, TV networks, music labels, or publishing companies hired talented people, and then focused their corporate efforts on the marketing and distribution. But today, studios, networks, publishers, and other platforms are mostly interested in talent who can bring their own marketing strategies or audiences to the table.  This is why popular celebrities, pastors, business executives, and other personalities find it easier to snag book or recording deals – publishers and labels are attracted by their built-in audience.

So if you ever wondered whether or not a vibrant social media strategy could help you, this should end the discussion.  I admit, it’s not the world I’d like, but it’s the world that exists.  So get out there are become more intentional about your social media strategy.

How do you feel about these changes and the impact social media is having across all business platforms?

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  1. Eh. Many simply game the system and -poof- they have 10, 20, 40,000 “followers” when in fact 5 people are actually following and 2 of those listening, 1 of which is their wife.

    It’s like getting a job with a fake resume.

    Influence, not followers, is what matters. And that’s not seen in numbers but in results.

  2. I can verify this personally… I have gotten jobs over others because I had a bigger social influence than the other guy! Great post Phil!

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