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I wanted to share this very personal note that was posted on my blog a couple of weeks ago by Amber Rose.  She attended the Echo Church Media Conference in Dallas, and afterward, posted this excerpt from her personal blog:

Phil you sparked a firestorm in my life at the ECHO Conference and for that I thank you.  …You see my final visit, happened to be the last day of this amazing ECHO conference. Where there were all of these amazing speakers who were talking about their own struggles and how their pride or other life obstacles and gotten in the way of God’s will for their lives.  This one man, Phil Cooke, started speaking about how God has given each of us a gift, a talent, a story to tell. But the question is…what are we going to do with that? See, God has transformed each one of our lives, He has literally come into our lives and pulled out a “cancer” and turned it into something great to represent Him….now how are we going to take that “cancer” and use our God-given gifts to help others pull out their “cancers” and transform their lives?

For some it isn’t so literal….for me it was….On Friday afternoon, just two hours after the conference ended, I found out that not only was I NOT in remission but in fact, the cancer had come back and spread to the left side of my face. So…here we go again, another round of radiation, another round of chemo, if it doesnt work this time, well, we will discuss a more aggressive option.

Praise God I opted to go that day…I almost didn’t because I had too much work to do. So this is my story, and I will tell it, how it will play out, I do not know yet, but here is another chapter, do you know yours?…”

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  1. Thank you for posting this wonderful womans blog entry on your site. I see her going into remission and knowing that her will and Gods are one and the same! One Love!


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