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Do You Watch Religious TV?

— Question:  Do you watch religious TV? If no, why not (please be very honest)… If yes, what is your all time favorite program or personality?  And why do you watch?

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  1. No. It’s either low quality or not quite on the right track theologically (or completely off track theologically). I don’t have a lot of programs I can pick up, however.


    Sometimes I watch Sunday morning church services just to see what they are doing with camera angles and lighting, in case our church starts video recording.

  2. I have watched in the past but do not have anything I favor currently. This is mostly because the personalities I prefer are not on TV but online. I find that most of the “TV Preachers” are not presenting their information that is appealing to me.

  3. No. I don’t want to be anything like the people I have seen on religious TV. I did watch a program a few months ago that was doing some fundraising, and for laughs my dad and I grabbed a Bible to look up the partial verses that were being quoted (which gave the impression that by giving them your money, God would automatically give you whatever your desire was). The complete verses, when taken in context with the rest of the chapter, generally had not a thing to do with what they were trying to make their viewers believe.  This made me more than angry, it made me sad, dissapointed, and suspicious. No thanks.

  4. No. Is low quality, I think some people dont know hows the media works. The Tv is about image, sound, shot…and scrip. We need to understand that tv its not just people talking and walking on the stage. Watch tv require a different attention that we have at church.

    I know is God who convince, but he also give us the skills but he also give us the skills to lift his voice hide.

  5. Used to make a point of watching the Billy Graham specials. Now I primarly listen to select radio programing (internet) and avoid almost all religious TV. 

    Too many egomaniacs… too little substantive content… too sad!

  6. I’ve never watched much TV to begin with, but I appreciate having a religious service to watch if I’m home sick (although more often in this case I listen to a service on a local radio station).

    I’m not Catholic but I enjoy watching Mother Angelica if I happen across a broadcast (I think they are mostly or all reruns because of her age/health.)  She has a calm presence and appears to  give common sense advice for questions.  Sometimes it is nice to listen to a "down home" presentation of someone who is not in a hurry.

  7. No. It’s all the same. No variety. You can turn it on any time of the day and you are pretty much guaranteed of watching a Sunday service. Not that I don’t like Sunday services but there are more creative ways to get a message to an audience. 🙂

  8. I’m like many others who don’t watch much television.  Current storylines are repetitive and after a fue minutes, can be figured out. Reality tv is a joke. Now, if I happen to be surfing the channels and happen on a preacher that has a message that is compelling, I’ll listen. Current Christian Broadcasters are all about offerings and the next level of blessings you will get for only $20.00 per month. The cheap trinket they send in return is your reward.

    I watched a well produced show last night on the various "gospels," and other writings,that were left out of our current Bible. It was very interesting, well produced, and researched.  A show like that you’d not see on one of the aphabet Christian Broadcasters because reaction would cause the great financial river of life from flowing unto them. 

     Finally, I like quality.  Production for some of the shows seem to be on the level of cable access channels.  As a sound man, I cringe when I hear overdriven lows, no mids, and tingling highs.  This proves that you can purchase the latest and best equipment, but if you don’t know what you’re doing it will all sound like two cans with a string stretched between them.

  9. no I don’t. The creative programming is typically kitsch, saccharine, over-sentimentalized.  the informational programming tends to be uninspiring, conventional and insignificant.

  10. Absolutely YES, but maybe it is a big NO.

    What I mean is, I watch GOD TV and I don’t want to call that "christian TV" because it is so different.

    I am watching through satellite and sometimes I try to watch other "christian channels" but no… GOD TV is so different, so strong, so much more than TV.

    Everything you guys don’t like on Christian TV or you want to see on it… just watch Rory and Wendy! They know what it is to propheticly react, create, proclaim.

    It is NOW TV! 

  11. I wish you would have defined "Religious TV".  I watch Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church every Sunday on a 16:9 screen at the Shoreline campus.  I also watch him on pod casts and internet and anytime he’s on TV.  Just watched "Who was Jesus?" on Discovery that had Bible expert Dr. Allen Callahan.  Can’t stand TBN – bad theology and weird.  CBN news is pretty cool with Pat Robertson though it could be hipper.  I liked the program Hannah Montanna’s dad played as a doctor.

  12. Not very often and we have Sky Angel! If my wife is watching Joyce Meyer, I will sometimes watch it with her. Most TV Preachers are kind of on the boring side. Now if John Bevere ever gets a program, I will be watching that every week!

  13. Do we watch religious TV?  No.  Why?  Have you seen what is on out there?  The "teaching" is boiled down to one concept:  give us money and God will give you money.  Does it say anything about how I feel about religious TV that I would rather watch the Bravo channel in all its glory than listen to someone tell/beg me to send money so I can be "blessed"?  

  14. No.  There’s no programming worth watching.  

    I have many problems with the majority of Christian programming on theological stances and motive stances, but that’s not even the main reason.  I can put that stuff aside and listen, because sometimes someone who has a very different viewpoint can lead to more insight.

    My biggest problem with Christian media is the money.  I don’t think anyone should be on television asking for any type of anything for themselves or their ministry.  The programming should be funded before it goes on air.  I’ve heard some decent arguments against the idea, but when you ask for money, no matter how biblical the theology is or how great the speaker is, your asking for money.  It still comes off as asking for money.

  15. Yes.  The regularly scheduled programs I most oftern watch are the 700 Club, Spirit Fromed with Jack Hayford, Life Today with James Robinson, and Hillsong.  I am more inclined to watch some of the documnentaries on EWTN, movies on Cornerstone, and live events on GODTV.  But most of the Christian Media I watch is online – Perry Noble, Mark Driscoll, Erwin McManus, Mark Batterson, conferences, Tangle and Youtube clips,  

    I watch because I love to see and hear what other Christians are hearing form God and how they are living that out.   

  16. I watch Daystar when they are NOT in telethon, I like Joyce’s teaching.  James Robison is good.  I like some of the new kids on the block: Mark Crow for example.  I can’t watch the hungry children ones.  I will not watch a telethon for anyone.  

  17. Yes. I like to watch Andrew Wommack and Jack Hayford. While these programs are not compelling from a production standpoint and they are not dynamic personalities, the teaching is sound and I always come away drawn back to my Bible to see if what they were saying is true. I also like to listen to Beth Moore when she is on Robison’s program. Again I am drawn to the teaching. 


  18. Nope. Religious broadcasting does way more to hurt the cause of Christ than it does to help.

     My primary point of contention is that they often ask for money (not just televangelists but Christian radio and such) based on anecdotal evidence of "salvations" or "changed lives." They do this all the while targeting their programming to the already converted. If you’re legitimately about reaching the unchurched and disconnected, then target them with your programming. It’s as simple as that. Unfortunately, that’s not their primary goal. The goal seems to be to create a separate, "cleansed" copy of their secular counterparts. Not only do they not have the budget to compete, they’re trying to take a rotten apple and make it a ripe banana. 

    Just sayin… 

  19. My goodness Phil – you seem to have captured the naysayers in this poll. To be honest, "No", as so many others have commented here, I dislike the poor quality and repetitive nature of most programming. I do look for new programs from time to time, to see if there is hope, but alas the video may be good but the pastor fails in the theological arena.  When I left Texas I had been apart of one of the best known ministries in Houston.  That is where I had the privilege of working with Phil.  If you would believe the trade rags, our churches are better equipped than most TV stations and have better sound systems than a rock concert.  So why are their video programs so bad?  EGO trumps talent in most churches.  Keep up the good work Phil.

  20. There are about 3-4 television preachers that I watch, like Joyce Meyer and Andrew Wommack, but, as for the vast remainder of Christian television programming, I do not watch it much.  I am fairly frustrated at the lack of creativity and variety available and there is little to draw Christian viewership, much less the unsaved.
    What implementing edgier programming and utilizing the many talents of Christian writers, actors, filmmakers and television producers to come up with original dramas, made-for-television-films based upon Christian themes and history?  What about talk shows, where some popular "Christian" practices are carefully scrutinized and, if necessary, challenged?
    I particularly am resistant to the telethon periods, where there are hours and hours of one preacher after the other, yelling into microphones and promising "special blessings" to persuade people to send in money.  Okay, I realize that donations are what make these religious stations run, but why not show examples of the kind of quality programming that your money would go towards? Why would you want to fund a Christian network that doesn’t produce more worthwhile, effective  projects?
    I have are so many creative ideas I personally have about the types of shows they ought to be making, as, I am sure, many of you do, but it seems like most of these stations want to stick to tired, archaic formats- talk shows with old guard preachers, occasional films and documentaries that are several decades old or poorly made, etc.
    There is so much untapped potential in television t.v. and it’s a shame that it is being ignored.
  21. I  watch for entertainment purposes only, then I have to turn them off because most of them make me ill with all their begging for cash and all the nonsense they spew.  People like Mike "All I Talk About Is Money" Murdock, Benny Hinn, Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Paula White, Bishop Jordan, Cerullo, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum, are all the same, their only concern is getting your cash in their hands in order for them to live an opulant lifestyle.  It would be great to get them banned but there is no law against giving money to these crooks.  It is so bizarre to watch their acts and that people actually support them!  Jim Bakker is back on tv and doing the same things that landed him in jail.  Only in America can you be a convicted crook, serve time and then go right back into your criminal activity.  Perfectly legit because it’s "religion" and all is fair in religion, you can scam all you want because it’s "religion".

  22. I agree with this comment. My family is going through some very tough financial hardships right now. My husband is so brainwashed by this stuff he honestly believes that giving them money will help. More often than not the "message" is you have to give to get. It’s mostly garbage and robbing people of their hard earned money.

  23. I recently started watching Christian tv again (my hubby and I missed church yesterday so we spent the day watching for “spiritual food”) and we were taken aback at the type of subtle marketing that occurs with certain ministries. They only show a half hour of a show, then you have to buy the rest.   As we become mature Christians, throught the power of the Holy Spirit,  we can see and pick up on marketing tools of a certain popular Christian channel, as well as political leanings.  I told my husband that it doesn’t sound “Godly” or “Christlike”.   We do not want to hear about politics because that does nothing for us spiritually.  The Holy Spirit reveals things to us and we should listen to that spirit that tells us that “something isn’t right”.  It’s time to turn off and seek out God more. 

  24. I was flipping through the channels about 4 months ago, looking for something to watch on a Sunday morning.  I didn’t go to church because the pastor had become boring in his sermon content and his delivery.  Everything was being read from a script in front of him.  Nothing new nothing exciting.  Then I happened to come upon Ed Young.  I was engrossed in his sermon, his mannerisms, his techniques of delivery, his dress code.  Of course the ads flashed across the bottoms of the screen, but I ignored them because I was engrossed in watching Ed Young.  He made everything real. He related the Bible to today.  I was inspired to keep watching him every week.  I made no donation, which I probably should have, but money is tight during this “recession”.  I am raising two beautiful granddaughters without help from parents or the state.  They even knew not to disturb me during that half hour because my man was on that I enjoyed listening to with my morning coffee.  I even got out my NIV Bible to follow along with the scriptures being taught that morning.  This morning I went to watch him on USA TV and he was not there, I was totally bummed.  Does anyone know what channel he has travelled to?  I tried searching the internet but all I can find our his sales sites.

  25. No. I don’t want to be anything like the people I have seen on religious TV. I did watch a program a few months ago that was doing some fundraising, and for laughs my dad and I grabbed a Bible to look up the partial verses that were being quoted (which gave the impression that by giving them your money, God would automatically give you whatever your desire was). The complete verses, when taken in context with the rest of the chapter, generally had not a thing to do with what they were trying to make their viewers believe.  This made me more than angry, it made me sad, dissapointed, and suspicious. No thanks.

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