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Why Your Communication and Media Team Matters Right Now

One thing COVID-19 has taught many pastors and ministry leaders is the critical importance of a skilled communication and media team. In a world where we’re forced to communicate online, understanding how to maximize that experience, keep your story out there, and stay connected with a congregation, donors, or supporters has become incredibly clear.

Hopefully, pastors and ministry leaders are learning the lesson that “communication” is just as important as missions, youth ministry, music, and more. Even in the smallest churches, I’m hearing stories of how one dedicated video person rigged up an iPhone to live stream last week’s service and it generated twice as many viewers than have ever walked into their physical building.

Another church had more than 200 people accept Christ online last Sunday. And it wasn’t unusual to hear reports of audiences 3-5 times the size of their entire church membership watching online.

Yes – during a time of crisis, there is much ministry to be done, and in many ways, this is just the beginning. But without your media and communications team, we wouldn’t even have gotten this far.

Pastors – take a minute and express gratitude to those who have been working long hours, researching new platforms and technology, watching webinars, trying out new ideas, and doing anything to get your message to far more people than you could reach alone. Plus, their efforts are keeping your congregation connected in the hope that when this thing is over, we’ll all be united once again.

Long live church and ministry communication and media teams!

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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