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Why Your Church Needs More Than a Communications or Media Director

In my experience most church leaders believe that hiring a creative communication or media director is all they need to worry about. Our consulting and coaching team at Cooke Media Group knows that creativity matters, and someone familiar with the process of communicating a church or ministry’s message is critical. However, we also know that something even more important is having a strategy.

It’s really a question of why. I’m a media producer through and through, and there’s nothing I like better than producing programming. However, I spend far more time developing the why. Today, too many church and ministry media or communications directors obsess over how. Equipment, gear, stuff – all of which is important, but what’s far more important is the why.

So the next time you hire a communications or media director for your church or ministry, do all the normal things like looking at their demo reel, researching their past employment, and discussing your church’s vision.

But don’t forget to ask them about strategy. Do they have one? How will it impact your message? Why will it make a difference?

Unless you have the right message, the right purpose, and the right plan, the most creative team in the world will do little more than create pretty things.

And pretty things alone won’t change the world.

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  1. I’ve found strategy comes with experience which brings wisdom. You can hire a recent graduate for a good price but many times they lack the wisdom that comes with making mistakes and learning from them! Invest in quality talent who have been around the block before. Like Phil says says, its more then just creating videos and events, its about getting them to fit into the BIG plan.

  2. So true. Empty meaningless “Pretty things” are everywhere. It’s not enough! But when the message and the media are aligned, the Holy Spirit confirms it with his presence. That’s what really touches people. It’s powerful! Nothing like it anywhere on earth!

  3. 99.9% of folks will never care what microphone or camera you used to tell your story. They WILL care how you told it. Finding someone who cares more about your story than the gear it will take to tell it is the key. Anyone can buy an iPhone and shoot a video but the story is what goes viral. There is no substitute for experience as Dan Wathen says. It may cost a little more to hire the seasoned communicator but what you save in frustration will be worth it.

  4. Knowing where your going (strategy) is critical in determining the best way to get there (execution)

    Oftentimes organizations jump into the tactics too soon because it feels tangible & like they’re making progress. But if you’re heading in the wrong direction, it doesn’t really matter which road you take or how fast you get there.

  5. I’m all about being spontaneous and making the most of something that is happening NOW. However, having a strategic plan in place guarantees that you are telling the story you want to tell while communicating the message to the public that you intended – and will help you vet those “now” moments to make sure that sharing them will line up with your sets goals and vision.

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