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Why You Should Write A Book

Today, literally anyone can write a book.  That photo of me is my first realization that I loved writing.  I was trying out my mom’s church typewriter.  Now, a wide range of companies (like us) like can easily take your manuscript, typeset it, design the cover, and even get the ISBN number and have it listed at and other retailers.  The reason to do it isn’t just raging ego, it’s getting your story down on paper.

Now before you blow this off thinking writing books isn’t for you, these reasons might change your mind:

1.  It helps your perception as an expert.
After all, if you’re a pastor, dentist, executive, teacher, or consultant – having a couple of books to your credit can’t hurt your perception.  Plus, should you ever leave your current job, you always have your books as solid credentials.  While others are waving resumes, you’re waving published books.  Big difference.

2.  It forces you to think through your message. Most leaders go through life with a half-baked idea of what they’re really trying to say and do.  But the process of writing a book forces you to think it out and express it clearly.  It helps give your message structure.

3.  It builds your legacy
. After all, you’ve spent a lifetime learning.  What are you going to leave behind?  Your ideas and perspectives matter, so consider getting it all down for future readers.

4.  Finally – if nothing else, do it for your children and grandchildren. Leave your detailed story so that future generations can know who you are, where you came from, and what you did while you were here.  My parents never did that, and now as we comb through their documents after their death, it’s a huge challenge trying to sort it all out, and really understand the story of their lives.

Serious writing is tough.  But at least the production and distribution of books is easier than ever.  Take a shot and see what happens.

Remember that you don’t need an agent or traditional publisher.  With on-demand publishing, anyone can be an author.  You may not have a best seller on your hands, but at least you wrote it down as a witness and testimony that you were here and made a difference during your lifetime.

Any stories out there of those who have done it?

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