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Why You Should Read the Book “The Last TV Evangelist”

It’s been out a few years now, but my book “The Last TV Evangelist: Why the Next Generation Couldn’t Care Less About Religious Media (And Why it Matters)” keeps popping up. Maybe it was prophetic, but it’s proving more and more accurate about the changes happening in our culture today. If you’ve ever wondered why so many Christian television programs and movies make you feel embarrassed, or why Christian media isn’t having more impact in the culture today, then you need to read it.

Religious media has built massive networks, launched global organizations, and generated billions of dollars in donations. It has allowed Christianity to reach more people in this century alone than the rest of history combined. So there’s no question that it’s done a great deal of good.

But that impact has come with a price. Sex and money scandals, political controversies, and the prosperity gospel have taken their toll on the perception of Christians in the culture.

But a new revolution is happening in religious media. The Last TV Evangelist explains that revolution and what it means for sharing the gospel in today’s digital world. It’s been endorsed by a wide range of leaders who understand how to engage culture, from Seth Godin, Leonard Sweet, Mark Batterson, and more.

When I was finished writing it, one major Christian publisher read the manuscript and told me, “We love The Last TV Evangelist, but if we published it, we would jeopardize our relationship with too many Christian TV ministries.”

For that reason alone, you need to read it. It’s available on

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  1. Read the book while on vacation at the River Walk. As a TV evangelist myself, Phil’s book confirmed all my concerns about what’s wrong in Christian television, and gave great advice on how Christians can do much better at more effectively evangelizing over media. A must read if you’re in media!

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