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Why The Media is Silent About Planned Parenthood’s Atrocities

No matter how many expose’ videos are produced showing Planned Parenthood employees and leaders detailing the horrifying business of dismembering unborn children, selling off body parts, or even harvesting the brain from a baby boy who’s heart was still beating, the mainstream media simply doesn’t cover the issue. From major broadcast networks, to online platforms, to newspapers, there has been virtual radio silence. Well, recently we discovered why: 

As reported at The Federalist site, Planned Parenthood gives out awards to journalists who “report” (meaning “say really nice things”) about PP’s abortion work. The Planned Parenthood “Maggie” awards, are named after Margaret Sanger, the racist and eugenicist founder of Planned Parenthood.

It’s a brilliant strategy actually.  You’re doing things that would turn the stomach of most Americans, you receive hundreds of millions of dollars each year from the government, and you know how influential the media gatekeepers are, so what to do?

Give those media gatekeepers an award.  Celebrate them.  Make them feel important.  Build loyalty.

Am I the only one who thinks giving awards to journalists who should be covering your organization objectively, reeks of influence peddling?  Doesn’t accepting an award from an organization you’re supposed to be reporting on, mean you have no integrity left?  I was just asking…

Read The Federalist story. It’s grisly, but it reveals just how brilliantly Planned Parenthood manipulates the media into toeing the company line (or some might say “the company lie”).  As The Federalist closes: “It would appear that the only thing Planned Parenthood enjoys more than harvesting baby parts to sell is rewarding activists with bylines for their work in snuffing out news coverage before it even leaves the cradle.”

  • Photo from The Federalist

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  1. Does this reflect the celebrity-mad, over-rewarded, self-centered society that we live in? That is – are rewards/awards more important to a journalist than integrity? The issue itself rings of Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’, but what I see as also of a great concern here is that we seem to be dealing with humans who are not concerned about humanity, but only with self. Without trying to be too poetic, I wonder if acceptance of this type of behavior be like a dying star, resulting in our society’s collapse into a black hole.

  2. It says something when a society is more concerned about the fate of a lion and the smearing of a doctor than the fate of an unborn child and the clearing of a besmirched, evil and dirty organization which will stop at nothing to save their face and their almighty dollar. SAD.

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