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Why The Atmosphere Matters for Livestream Worship

This is a message for pastors and church leaders: You need to teach your congregation about the importance of the atmosphere at home when they live-stream your worship services. While we’re moving back into our church buildings, live-streaming is here to stay. It’s my estimation that (for good or bad) a significant number of your congregation will come back, but once or twice a month, many of those will stay at home to experience their Sunday online.

But what we’re not doing is teaching the congregation about being reverent during that experience at home. 

Throughout the Bible, God is very clear about our attitude and the atmosphere surrounding worship. But let’s face it: when most people watch a livestream church service, they’re cooking breakfast, making the bed, playing with the kids, or cleaning house. Our producer Dan Wathen says it’s like “Express Church:” Get more done at home by watching church online.

As a pastor, you don’t allow multiple activities going on in the sanctuary while you’re preaching, so you should teach your congregation about the importance of creating a sacred space at home for online church.Click To Tweet

We’re not asking them to be mystical, light candles, or create a special room. But get rid of distractions, get your Bible, a pen and notebook, clear your mind, and focus on God. 

Otherwise, the future of online church will simply be a “drive-in” type experience, with little depth, and no sacred encounter.

Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash

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  1. Really interesting point and absolutely something I am 100% guilty of when I do “online” church (confession time). I do think though the “flip” side of this, and what I spend time on when I am working with churches and leaders etc is that its important we know HOW to communicate to a distracted audience as well. I think the invitation to be reverent (and totally agree we should encourage people to be “reverent”) is important – however the reality is we are still communicating to people who are distracted and how we do that needs to become part of our process – its NOT something most church leaders are used to doing.

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