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Why Small Wins Are Killing Your Career

Maybe it’s time to focus on bigger ideas, tasks, and projects…

I’ll often sit down at my desk and respond to 50-100 email messages. It may take a few hours, but once I’ve burned through that list, I sit back and feel really good about myself.

The problem? Those were small wins, and that time could have been used to accomplish something far bigger, like writing a book, prepping a presentation, planning a video shoot, or finishing an important script.

But those big projects are hard. They take a ton of focus and attention, and I’ll often do anything to get out of something that difficult. So I check my email, update my to-do list, or organize my desk – anything to keep from tackling the important stuff.

The fact is – small wins like chasing emails and cleaning up your inbox can hold you back from big wins that really matter.

Next time you sit down at your desk, don’t let the small wins distract you from the significant things on your task list.

Small wins are important, but they should never become a substitute for your bigger mission.

Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash

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