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Why Relationships Can Make Or Break Your Career

I’ve often said that in any career path, people skills are just as important as talent. In my experience, more people get fired or let go from projects and jobs – not because they were ignorant or failed – but because they couldn’t get along with other people. In my own career, I would estimate that I’ve actually spent 35-40% of my working life, tip-toeing around the minefields of overly sensitive people. These are people who take every criticism or suggestion as a personal attack, and are willing to stifle profit and progress within the company because it’s more important to them to be seen as in control. If it’s not their idea, they aren’t interested.

If you have any insecurities (and we all do), then take the time to learn how to collaborate with people. Even in an age of instant communication through cell phones, text messaging, and email, dealing with the complexities of people is far more important than any other skill you may have.

Look at your relationships. Do people seek you out? Do they want to spend time with you? Or when you walk into a room, does it feel like someone just left?

Trust me – if you can inspire and motivate people around you, getting the next job will not be your problem.

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  1. Can’t agree more on what you say about overly sensitive people.
    Being objective is a foreign reality to them and their tendency is to see themselves by default on the right side. When you work with them, their touchy feelings pop up when you least expect it. Miranda warning applies: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say (or do) can and will be used against you …”
    In relationships, they remain self centered children, even though have mastered areas of talent and professional interest.
    Their way out starts with recognizing the need to grow …
    … and the world will be thankful.

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