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Why It’s Time for a “Chief Purpose Officer”

What’s the bigger purpose of your organization?

We’re discovering that as we move on from a global pandemic, as people go back to work, they aren’t just interested in a job, they’re interested in a purpose. That’s why leaders need to understand and articulate the purpose of your organization.

It doesn’t matter if you sell plumbing supplies, cars, or insurance, if you want to recruit and keep the best people, then you need to develop an over-arching purpose for what you do and why you do it.

My friend Troy Duhon is a great example. He’s an incredibly successful entrepreneur who owns Premier Automotive – a network of auto dealerships across the country. But Troy and his wife Tracy wanted to make a bigger difference. So they launched Giving Hope – a food pantry, community center, and orphanage, with its headquarters in New Orleans.

I was surprised when our team led a recent strategy session for Giving Hope because half the attendees were from the car dealership! They were just as excited about the impact Giving Hope is making as they were about selling cars. As a result, we spent the morning kicking around ideas about how each dealership could advance the cause of the nonprofit through their automobile sales.

Troy and Tracy Duhon understand the power of purpose, have activated it in the car business, and that purpose is motivating and inspiring their employees on a daily basis.

The question is: What’s the over-arching purpose for your organization?

Because I believe in the future, the next big addition to the executive suite will be “Chief Purpose Officer.”

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  1. I agree with this 100%!

    However, I’m interested in what you see the day to day duties being for this position? Convincing founders of an older generation that we should invest “c-level suite salary” into a “position of purpose” could evoke a unique dialogue. 😬

    1. That’s a great question Andrew and I would love to hear your thoughts. I’m thinking that in some ways, it’s an elevated brand or marketing manager. Someone who’s purpose is to help create that purpose, continually develop new ways to express it, and inspire the team to rise to the occasion. It would take great people skills to make that happen well…

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