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Why It Takes More Than Great Ideas…

I fly around 200,000 miles a year worldwide, so I see a lot from an airplane seat. On of the most frustrating experiences that happens regularly is when we actually arrive on time, but can’t pull into the gate because the ground crew isn’t ready. I flew into Los Angeles from Seattle recently, and everyone on the plane was excited that we arrived ahead of schedule, but since the ground crew wasn’t ready, we sat on the tarmac until well after our scheduled arrival time.

The lesson? No matter how great the pilot flies, or the airplane performs, it doesn’t matter if the support team isn’t performing at their peak.

It’s the same leading creative teams. Your superstar idea generators, writers, video creators, web developers, or designers, will never reach their potential if your support team isn’t up to the task. That support team may include assistants, account managers, interns, schedulers, editors, and more.

Identify them, value them, and spend time giving them the training and tools to perform at their peak.

Because generating creative ideas matters very little if the plane just sits at the gate.

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  1. Excellent artIcle! This is an area we are in the process of developing and expanding our ministry.
    I would love to reconnect to seek your insights!
    God BLESS You!

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