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Why I Support Image Journal

I’ve been an avid reader of Image Journal for years. To describe the journal, I’ll defer to the website: “Image was founded in 1989 to demonstrate the continued vitality and diversity of contemporary art and literature that engage with the religious traditions of Western culture. Now one of the leading literary journals published in English, it is read all over the world—and forms the nexus of a warm and active community. We believe that the great art that has emerged from these faith traditions is dramatic, not didactic—incarnational, not abstract. And so our focus has been on works of imagination that embody a spiritual struggle, like Jacob wrestling with the angel. In our pages the larger questions of existence intersect with what the poet Albert Goldbarth calls the “greasy doorknobs and salty tearducts” of our everyday lives.”

While every expression of the Christian faith has value, it’s important to be regularly challenged and refreshed by artists and writers of this caliber. Founder and Editor Greg Wolfe has labored mightily to keep Image going for nearly three decades—not an easy feat.

Last year, Greg asked me to be on the Board of Directors for the Journal, and while the intellectual level of the journal is way above my pay grade, I was thrilled to help.

Why should you read and support Image Journal? Here’s a handful of reasons:

– These are many of the most important and insightful artists and writers of our age – expressing their faith in ways you’ll probably not encounter anywhere else.

– As a creative person yourself, you need to be challenged. Image will make you think – and sometimes disagree – but you’ll benefit from wrestling with these ideas.

– It will encourage you. Suddenly you’ll see your creative efforts in the context of others who are experiencing the same struggles. You’ll discover that you’re not alone.

– Image produces events like “The Glen Workshops” where writers and artists come together under the mentorship of great teachers to work on their craft. Typical workshops offer seminars in Fiction Writing, Filmmaking, Songwriting, Poetry, Writing Memoir, and more. And these are major figures leading the workshops. In 2017, Scott Derrickson, my friend and director of Marvel’s “Dr. Strange” will be on the faculty teaching filmmaking. If you’re a serious artist, you need to consider time at The Glen.

– Finally, when you support the journal, you’re helping give a platform to great writers and artists expressing spiritual value to the greater culture. There are plenty of worthy places to give during this season, but if you’re a creative, then I would encourage you to help support a place that nurtures, educates, and inspires those wrestling with questions of faith.

You can subscribe here and give financial support here.

Image Journal has made me a more thoughtful human being, and believe me when I say those opportunities are rare.  That’s why I encourage you to check out Image Journal.

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  1. Thank you, Phil, for making me aware of this fantastic community and magazine. What a breath of fresh and beautiful air… Was also pleased to find contributions by Wim Wenders, who’s part of my friend’s church in Berlin. Can’t believe I never heard of this before…

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