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Why Hiring Cheap is Often the Most Expensive Choice

The principle sounds wrong to some people but it’s really simple : You often save the most money by hiring the most expensive person. I know that’s a statement most clients don’t believe, but I’ve seen it proven over and over again. When a designer, writer, filmmaker, video producer, web designer, or other creative professional starts competing with the lowest price, things go downhill fast.

Obviously you should evaluate a resume, portfolio, or demo reel – and everyone wants a good deal. But in most cases, “more expensive” also means more experience, more talent, more flexibility, and more maturity.

Plus, no matter how cheap the original bid may be, it’s always more expensive to do it over.

The lesson? When hiring freelancers or vendors for your next project, don’t put immediately put off by what seems like a high price. Think about the total package and what each option brings to the table.

You simply rarely save money by automatically hiring the least expensive option.

Photo by Victor Hughes on Unsplash

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