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Why Does a Crisis Make Creative People Think The Same Way?

If you’re getting sick of TV commercials during the COVID-19 crisis, then you’re not alone. My wife Kathleen and I have had endless discussions about how much we’re getting tired of what looks like the same commercial over and over. Now, an enterprising video editor proves it. I have no idea why creative people start thinking alike during a crisis, but this amazing compilation spot reminds us that when people are fearful and concerned, organizations tend to respond in exactly the same way:

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  1. BINGO Phil! This is getting old. Sort of like some other commercials that were good to watch when they first showed but now… I like Michael Buble’s song Home and Bon Jovi’s song but come on! New ones already

  2. Haven’t we all been in this meeting… “We need to keep our name out there, but we can’t be seen as selling too hard…warm feelings, together for you you know…but we can’t shoot anything new…call Bob, he cut our last campaign, he’s working out of his home…ftp him some of the latest, unused b-roll…write some copy and get our voice to get him the VO quickly…stick some cool filters on the video and we can have it on the air by Tuesday…” Ive been in that meeting! In a crisis, most agency folks think the same. Heck, I’ve even cut some of those spots in hurricane aftermaths. 3-4 times for different clients. It was all I could do to not use the same library music cuts because they were all the same!

    My boss and I watched it at least 3 time laughing out loud. Not at our current situation but at these spots that are all the same.

    1. You’re exactly right Mark. “Lets be safe” is the mantra of too many organizations these days – especially in these politically correct times….

  3. Funny, I saw that video yesterday. I think the challenge is that companies need to continue their marketing, but they have to be wary of appearing out of touch or taking advantage of a tragedy. So every company is trying to communicate that they understand us, are adjusting to help us, and are compassionate and trustworthy. What are some other marketing messages would you suggest companies consider?

  4. Their real message is and should be “We are trying to stay in business and we’re trying to keep our staff and our customers safe at the same time. It’s hard, and it’s confusing. But we’re doing our best. Here’s what we’re doing. Please buy a car.”
    And that’s fine! But having Lexus tell me that they “care about” me is icky.
    “We care about you. But we’d care a lot more if you bought an LX 570!”
    At least I’d believe that!

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