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Should Christians See The Movie “50 Shades of Grey?”

Actually, no – or anyone else for that matter.  But that headline got you this far in the post, right?  Which is our lesson for today: The power of a provocative headline. Most people wade through hundreds – if not thousands – of web articles, videos, and other online content every day, so what’s the hook that will get them to read yours? One study indicates that most people take one second – ONE SECOND – to decide whether or not to read a particular blog post or online article, and if they’re not hooked in that one second, they’ll move on.

So whatever you’re writing, if you’re looking for readers, make the title catchy, make it provocative, and make it compelling. But unlike my headline above – tell the truth!  Nobody likes “clickbait” – the often sexy, violent, or otherwise intriguing headlines leading to content (mostly advertising) just to up their click rates for money.

But if you have a message worth sharing, then you need to find readers. Because no matter how important the article or blog post, if nobody reads it, you’ve failed.

Now, I’d better get ready for the critics who ONLY read the headline and assume I support that movie…

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  1. Oddly, just the very headline evoked so much emotion from me. I thought ‘there is no way he is going to support it right?’ and that alone made me click. Very good lesson!

  2. Phil, you say no to this movie, but defend Noah…maybe the worst biblical based film ever. Seems to me there may be more then 50 shades of grey…

    1. Someone said the N-word!

      Seriously, I loved Noah. Bonkers but entertaining. Although it did cause the Phil Cooke Blog Apocalypse (one of the four horsemen, if you study the book of Revelation properly), so perhaps it was a bit naughty…

    2. Well Bruce, I was going to call this post, “Why Christians Should See the Movie “50 Shades of Grey” but I knew too many would misunderstand that, as you did with my post on “Noah..”

      1. Hi Mr Phil. Point well proven.

        Please I have a facebook message awaiting your approval or disapproval. God bless you sir.

  3. I agree with most everyone else here. The headline definitely made me open to read more. Then the post was short and to the point, so that certainly helped. Good lesson.

  4. The title swallowed me whole. I clicked immediately. Good point. What’s the point of making good content that no one reads? By the way, I just got your book Branding Faith and it echos a lot God has been telling me in the last 3-5 years. I’m really blessed by that book (preparing to get “Unique” too)

  5. Yep, ya got me. I’m not seeing the movie, out of respect for the written word, and the excellent actor Jamie Dornan (see THE FALL!) Good one, Phil.

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