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Why Can’t So Many Who Say They Reject Jesus Stop Talking About Him? 

I’ve always been fascinated at the number of people who reject Jesus or turn their backs on their Christian faith, but just can’t stop talking about it. There are an amazing number of social media sites and blogs that seem to be created for the express purpose of criticizing Christianity – something the writer’s have supposedly rejected – and they continue for years and years.

It would seem to me that if I had rejected Jesus or walked away from the Church, I would be focused on where I’m going, not where I’d been. I’d be writing about the next big thing in my life, or the journey to get there.

Novelist and short story writer Flannery O’Connor coined the phrase, “Christ-haunted.” I keep thinking of that term when I read the stream of blog posts, social media comments, and even published books by people who profess to be done with Jesus.

They just can’t stop talking about it. 

Haunted indeed… 

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  1. Great though Phil. You gotta wonder if they are trying to convince themselves or if they have some other idea in mind.

  2. How does the saying go these days? “Jesus lives rent-free in their heads.”

    Great observation, though.

  3. Would you say that there is a line between criticizing Christianity and criticizing Christian Leaders… I’m mailing referring to the ones with TV shows.

    1. Interesting question Tony. However, I deal with a lot of “crisis” situations in churches, and I can tell you that Christian TV personalities are a tiny percentage of the number of crazy things out there. They certainly get blown up in the media, but are a very small segment of the Christian community when it comes to bad players.

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