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Why Are You Struggling? Maybe It’s Not About You…

We always wonder why God keeps letting us go through challenges, trials, and obstacles.  Sometimes it even seems like He’s got something out for us.  But occasionally, I wonder if he allows us to struggle because He knows other people are watching.  Your challenges aren’t always about you – sometimes they’re about a viewing audience.  That audience might be friends, family, co-workers, boss, your kids – could be anyone.

Especially if you’re a leader, you can be absolutely sure people are watching.  The bottom line is that the way you handle every difficulty, obstacle, or frustration you experience is being watched by someone else.  Like it or not, they may be learning from your example.  Your response to problems can be incredibly helpful or hurtful to the people around you.  Remember that next time.  We joke that pregnant women are “eating for two.”  The truth is, your challenges in life are the same way.  It’s not just about you.  It’s about others as well.

Maybe it’s about how you can show others the pathway out.

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  1. Yes. Although not many people want to follow that route then. There are more “lightweight”.  

  2. This is great! I’m going through this myself. Phil I did have a question… For a Pastor do you think it’s better to have a creative team under you or a creative leader?

    1. That depends on you.  Most pastors have a pretty serious schedule and when it comes to creative, would prefer dealing with a single person.  However, a number of pastors love working through the creative process with the entire team.  I’m more like the second – I like the team in the room.  But just remember to not have too many.  More than 5-8 people gets too difficult to control and be productive…

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