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Why A Crisis Is A Great Time For A Church To Advertise

A recent report from Forrester Research confirms what other similar research has shown in the past: companies who continue advertising during an economic down turn are the companies that benefit the most after the crisis. While churches and ministry organizations don’t necessarily advertise in the same way or for the same purpose a business does, here’s why we should apply the results of this research:

During a crisis is when people start thinking about God. Even right now when most churches are closed because of COVID-19, people are worried, fearful, and naturally looking for answers. This is the time to get on their radar. We want to give them a good reason to visit when this is over.

During a crisis, the competition is less. While we don’t think of ourselves as classic “competitors,” to other churches, we do try to promote attendance to ours. During this crisis, not nearly as many churches are reaching out to your community or being visible, so now is the time to get your church or ministry name out there so it will be on people’s minds when this is over.

Think of all the ways you could get your church noticed right now: newspaper ads, local radio or TV spots, social media advertising and boosted posts. If you’re doing an outreach to the community, make sure your vehicles have a sign with the church name and contact information.  During this church shutdown, our team at Cooke Media Group has helped three churches develop local broadcast television programs based on their live streaming worship services. Now they have a very visible voice in their communities each week on local TV.

Plus, this is a great time to encourage the members of your congregation to talk up your church online. If your church means a great deal to them, then you should never be afraid to ask church members to share that on their social media platforms, blogs, and other websites.  It doesn’t cost a penny, and the impact could be big.

I know we’re in a crisis and money is tight. But for local churches, now is the time to start thinking beyond the crisis.

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