Celebrities: Who’s Alive and Who’s Dead

Fun site of the week:  Who’s Alive and Who’s Dead.  If you love the old TV stars we grew up with, this site will tell you who’s still left on the earth and who’s passed on.  Check it out.  It lists by individual and by show.  Who thinks of this stuff?

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  1. After James Cagney retired from film in the 60’s and stayed out of the limelight for almost 20 years I thought he was dead.  I remember in the 80’s when Hollywood announced a new movie staring James Cagney, I did a double take.  Many of the old school entertainers would retire from their work when they felt their time had ended.  We assumed they had died, since they were no longer in the headlines.  I almost wish some of today’s entertainers would retire instead of becoming Infomercial Spokespeople.  At the same time I wish some of our past stars had done more work, their great performances are too few.  I usually get my RIP info from http://www.imdb.com, but now I have a new resource for just that purpose.  Thanks again for being on top of things, an ever increasing source of interesting and challenging material.

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