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Who’s Your Mentor?

Did you have a mentor? Are you mentoring someone else? More and more research is showing that mentorship matters – particularly in a work environment where change is happening at light speed. In his new book “The Leadership Style of Jesus,” Dr. Michael Youssef reports these fascinating statistics:

75% of executives list mentoring as a key factor in their career success.

Executive productivity increased 88% when mentoring was involved.

71% of Fortune 500 companies list mentoring as a training tool.

77% of businesses say mentoring programs increase employee retention.

The question are:
Who is mentoring you?
Who are you mentoring?

Maybe that’s a big reason you’re stuck in your career.

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    1. …actually I do also have a business mentor who has been invaluable in not only my career but my personal life too.

  1. I mentor a young woman, but I really need a mentor myself… I don’t believe we can reach our total potential without the help of others. I’m stuck… So how does one go about finding a mentor? I’ve heard you shouldn’t ask someone, it’s inappropriate. True or false?

  2. Does anyone take this guy seriously?

    He has no experience in Hollywood but masks himself as a producer. What a low life sorry person!

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