What Font Style Says Change?

For those visually creative types out there, check out this article from the Boston Globe that examines the font styles for each candidate’s posters and analyzes the typography. Very interesting stuff. Do you agree? This is a great example of understanding that everything about your graphic expression impacts the message.


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  1. This amazes me as someone from the outside of this professional community looking in.  I know subtle message are sent and aimed for with these things, but to see it explained and to tie it into the general backdrop of advertising and the themes and associations that are formed are fascinating.

    I'm starting a 5 week Masters course on Organizational Communication with a focus on media interface.  This ties well into the introductory material thus far.

    Thanks for the insight.

  2. I can't believe no one chose to use 'comic sans' ….    ;  )

    I'm pretty sure that's the one I'd vote for… 

  3. Booples uses comic sans only. 😉

    I was working on some artwork w/ someone for Booples and when I told him I'd like to use comic sans he said "This is the only time I've seen comic sans used when it actually should be." 🙂

  4. Huckabee was the only logo accompanied by a descriptive tagline – one that helps you add meaning to the logo. What ever you think of the typography, it is a useful communication tool.

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