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“I simply argue that the cross be raised again at the center of the marketplace as well as on the steeple of the church. I am recovering the claim that Jesus was not crucified in a cathedral between two candles, but on a cross between two thieves; on the town garbage heap; at a crossroad so cosmopolitan that they had to write his title in Hebrew and Latin and in Greek; …at the kind of place where cynics talk smut and thieves curse, and soldiers gamble. Because that is where he died. And that is what he died about. And that is where churchmen ought to be, and what churchmen should be about.”

— George MacLeod

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  1. Oxymoron: church relevance,

    Sadly, the “church” will not be relevant. They are too busy hiding from the issues like the children of Israel did from Goliath. The misconception is that Christianity is supposed to be perfect. Thus there is the constant facade erected in public that “we got it right” or “we got the answers” when in reality we are suppose to lift up THE ANSWER not flesh. The church is a joke to generation X and Y. I am in generation X, an MBA candidate in a top 10 program and to people like me the church has zero engagement. I do a radio program aimed at teens and tweens and the church does not have any key messages that resonate. To this culture the church is a cultic bunch of people trying to sell a message they can’t live, not alone articulate in a relevant manner to the culture. The comment I get all the time is “who are they targeting with this message?” The consumer should not have to decipher what it is that you are talking about. What is really ironic is that the church who is mostly economically inept when compared to the world is now trying to teach prosperity in terms of money. Like this has some appeal to the world who from every indicator is now looking for the meaning of life beyond money. How can the “church” be relevant? If you do a Hebrew Greek lexicon word study, an entomology search of the origin of the word “church” it has behaving just like the word it is derived from: circus (but nobody is buying tickets). Until the “church” gets back to its roots in the book of Acts and be “ecclesia”, a called out assembly for his purpose instead of “church” a potluck of disjointed ideas and beliefs. The phrase church relevance will remain an oxymoron.

  2. My goodness, how much faith does it take to
    criticize the body of CHRIST, the church?  Why not pray about the concerns
    you have and watch what God will do? If He said He would build His church, what
    makes you think He cannot make it relevant for today?  The church is made
    up of living stones, not brick and mortar.  Perhaps some of the churches
    you have been in lately are not full of life but there are plenty in America
    and places around the world where people are ignited with Holy Spirit fire and
    making a difference where they live, work and travel.  Complaining and
    passing judgment does not change anything nor does it edify the body of Christ,
    but praying and asking God how you can be a catalyst for change can make a
    difference and bless the Lord.  The church is in the process of change
    just like everything else and times of transition can be messy, but we do
    absolutely nothing to bring unity to the body of Christ when we fault find and criticize
    brothers and sisters.  Why not leave the
    condemnation up to those who are in the enemy camp rather than coming into
    agreement with the accuser of the brethren?



  3. What you are saying is true but above all the church should stand for integrity, a clear vision of Christ, His work and words and a clear vision of God’s character and His mission on earth. Jesus’ most withering criticism was directed at the "church" of His day. He seemed to hold the religious establishment and it’s leadership to a higher standard. Why shouldn’t we?

    Unfortunately i see too many churches completely engaged with issues and cultural problems from about 30 years ago and preoccupied with programs that are simply irrelevant and ineffective. The average unchurched person takes a look at that and says, "Meh?"

    The church should have the most important message to communicate to the most at risk group in the world. That message should be the most exciting, relevant and life changing message they have ever heard. Instead we pack the church calendar with events, activities and "ministries" which simply wear out our members and actually make outreach to unbelievers more cumbersome. Our church of about 1500 attenders has over 10,000 events in the church calendar and out leadership is convinced the Mall Church of America is the best way to reach to outside world. But the outside world doesn’t even know we exist we’re so busy running our programs.

  4.  Morpheous  Oxymoron? Funny you should say that. It is written somwhere in the scriptures about the Son of God with a firy two edge tongue slashing to and frow in  a place called Armageddon the final and decisive conflict between good and evil. Could it be a phrophesy coming to pass? Or perhaps it’s a prohesy from Christ himself saying "there will be many coming in my name and they will lead many astray." In other words There is truth and there is deceit. I’m just trying to find the truth because there is so much deceit in this word. I am truly getting tired of all this deceit; it’s taking its toll. It’s making us wail and gnash our teeth at each other. If I can only find truth, is there such a thing as truth? I’m not perfect, I am a sinner, but that doesn’t mean Jesus Christ doesn’t know me and love me any way. Is that true or is it just another bogus saying? We can call ourselves Christians, that name doesn’t hold up to anything without having trust in Jesus Christ himself. Any other way we are just wolves in sheeps clothing. Morpheous you are on to something but keep a good heart don’t let it harden then evil wins.

  5. There is a big difference between the religious
    establishment and the church.  We should
    not put both the church and those who neglect the commandment of God and hold
    to the tradition of men in the same category. 
    They are diametrically opposed. 
    We are to be known by our love. 
    Every moment of every day we make choices.  We choose life or death in what we speak, blessing or curse.  We can come into agreement with God or with
    the demonic forces.  If we are dead to
    sin and alive in Christ, then the flesh has been crucified and we walk by the
    spirit, living and moving and breathing in Him… I do not believe the Lord Jesus
    wails and gnashes His teeth at those who need to come out of the old wineskin
    and into the new, so we should not be doing that either.  Many people simply need a revelation of the
    changing seasons and how they fit into what God is doing in this generation,
    understanding the times and how to be relevant.  We are not the ones to judge, we are simply commanded to love.

  6. Amazing Grace: Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. This is simple and plain and true gospel. May the Holy Spirit guide us all. Amen

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