Where Do You Get Your Best Ideas?

Where do you get your best ideas?  Wherever it is, protect it. Build a wall around it. Develop it. I discovered some time ago that my best ideas come when I’m completely bored. But today we all carry a “anti-boredom” device in our pocket. It’s called an iPhone, Android, or something similar. Now, when things get boring we pull it out and surf the web, text our friends, or check our email. As a result, we’ve stopped tapping into our creativity. I’m sitting on a plane while writing this, and the guy to my left is checking his email, the girl to my right is listening to music, and everyone else around us is watching a movie. Not much creativity happening here.

That’s why I’ve actually started trying to be bored again. I carry a notebook just for those moments I’m waiting at the airport, at the doctor’s office, or in line at the grocery store. I started turning off the TV in the morning when I get dressed and the ideas started flowing again.

Wherever your ideas happen – isolate that place or circumstance, and value it.  It’s not that you aren’t creative, maybe it’s just that you’ve stopped understanding and focusing on the places where it happens.

I’m curious – where do you get your best ideas?

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  1. In the toilet, or sometimes at night. Sometimes, a dream could have something th could spark off a creative idea

  2. The best source is other people. Listen to them speak. Watch their behavior. People are goldmines! So far I find janitors and people on sidewalks the most interesting to watch.

    Reading, anything. Sometimes a two word sentence sparks an idea. I’ve tried to read my bible more and decided a way to do that is to read a verse and see if I can get any imagery in my head, even if its completely unrelated to the text.

    Photographs, pinterest, any randomized photo website. There’s obvious reasons for certain pictures, but a look on someones face, an unusually lit place, a bizarre detail in a photo can spark something.

    I know if I am purposely looking for ideas, there is a major brain strain. If I’m not paying attention, I could miss things too. So there’s a balance in that.

    The more you write stuff down, the more things flow!

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