Where Did You Find Your Last Great Idea?

There’s something about the shower that makes ideas explode in my head. Once that water hits my face, for whatever reason, the ideas start popping. Driving is similar, as well as sitting in church, on a plane, or in a waiting room. Whenever I can’t move, my brain kicks in. Why does it matter? It matters because knowing where your ideas happen is the key to making them happen more often.  How about you? When do your best ideas happen? Listening to music? At the coffee shop? On a long walk?

Whatever or whenever it is, figure it out. Track your creative output and learn to focus it during your next big project.

I’d love to hear where your last great idea happened. What were the circumstances, location, or situation? Let us know. Maybe it will help someone else find their creative sweet spot.

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  1. I have been noticing that when my ideas come I often can speak the idea out in a way that I like but when I stop and try and write it down I lose it.

    I need to do better about using my iPhone voice memo or some other app to capture the audio of the full thought and then put it down in writing later so that I don’t lose it.

    Adam Legg

  2. Many ideas comes to me whem i’m driving. That’s because I always have paper and a pen in my car.

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